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2 files

  1. Atari 2600 Cart Art

    Cartridge art for the Atari 2600.



  2. Atari 2600 Carts [HyperList 1.0] [COMPLETE & STANDARIZED]

    I´ve downloaded the original Atari Carts pack from you guys but I´ve faced some problems with it so I decided to update it and make it OCD-ready. ;-)
    Here´s what I did:
    - A few carts had no images at all. Now each one of the 648 games at the HyperList 1.0 have an image, even if a "ROM Only no cart release" (E.G.: I Project);
    - There where some unused images. They are gone now;
    - The resolutions were all over the place, from 150 px to 400 px wide. All lo-res pics were redownloaded. Now every image is exactly 400 px wide;
    - Some games had low quality scans. Those were replaced;
    - Some games had wrong images (E.G.: Air Raid). All fixed now;
    - Some Atari games released on both Text and Pic labels had the (boring) Text label scanned (E.G.: SLot Racer). Those were replaced when possible;
    - When possible, I´ve tracked down original scans of the real card or PCB of the Protos. (E.G.: LotR: Rivendell, Last Starfighter);
    - I´ve added transparency on every oddly-shaped cart (E.G.: Air Raid, Air Raiders) so it would look good when displayed;
    I´ve replaced almost 200 of the 648 items in the pack. It seems pretty standarized right now.



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