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  1. Sega Dreamcast Discs

    This should be a full set of authentic Sega Dreamcast discs, or at least as close to that as is presently available.



  2. Sega Dreamcast - CD Pack

    Sega Dreamcast - CD Pack



  3. Sega Dreamcast - CD Pack

    These scans have been cleaned with great care so they are perfectly round and without any jaggs or so allowing for them to spin in HS looking crisp I didn't do them myself, credit for them goes to the following people:

    Z80: For collecting the scans and editing them to be easy to work with
    bbneo: For cleaning half the scans and do 11 custom ones for missing games
    HellSassa69: For cleaning the other half of the scans

    The only thing I did was telling bbneo and HellSassa69 how to clean the scans so they would look alike and a few minor last touches on some scans.

    Scans are only avalible for games that have videos (in other words games that work).

    Enjoy the scans and feel free to do whatever you want to them as long as you give cred to the guys who made them possible



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