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  1. NEC Turbografx-CD - Discs [Lo Quality]

    Here is my set of Turbografx-CD disc art. I have included art for all games in the current database, including their Japanese variants when applicable. Because it's hard to track down decent CD scans for some of these games, I have separated the art into two folders in the rar to indicate which images come from high quality scans and which come from mediocre scans. Enjoy!



  2. Nintendo GameCube - Discs [HQ Hi Res] - Incomplete

    Hello everyone, I am starting this project in order to get something rolling on a good quality set of GC discs.

    Set Credits:    
    JSinn - Project Lead [Template designer, Source collector, Rebuilder]
    dionymnia - Rebuilder
    EIDesign - Source Cleaner
    Suhrvivor - Template designer
    xALPHAxOMGEAx - Source collector
    SeanDyer87 - Source collector
    Agent47 - Source collector
    PeeWii - Source collector
    TonesMalone - Source collector
    gigapig - Source donor
    Iggy - Source donor
    Jolasveinn - Source donor
    Tomkun - Japanese translation
    JayC - HyperVault
    hErTz - Project Motivator
    This was a project that has been on hold for a while so thought it’s worth living here being such a great deal of effort has been put in

    Project topic here.



  3. Nintendo GameCube - Missing Art - Discs [Lo Quality]

    Hi Guys,
    After looking at the FTP sites, etc. there were 40 Gamecube CD images I could not find (most of them, obscure Japanese titles). From looking in Hypervault, Google, e-bay, etc, I've found the best set of source art for the missing games that I could and have created the missing set (40 images in total). The available source images for these games ranged in quality from mediocre to horrible, so the resulting images are mostly low quality. However, until a better set comes along, you might like to have these in your wheel than nothing at all. Given their relatively small size (which I sized to match the other images that are out there) they don't look *too* bad in HyperSpin. ;-)
    Hope you find them useful...



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