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3rd Party Applications to enhance the HyperSpin experience. Support Topics Available

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  1. JoyToKey Profiles for Hyperspin and Rocket Launcher

    What's New for Version 1.1.0:
    ADDED 7 New Systems (80 TOTAL) + HS/RL/Default profiles. New systems include Sega Model 1, Sega System 16, Sega System 24, , Sega X Board, Sega Y Board, Pop-Cap, and Microsoft MS-DOS. Changed the ESC key functionality to buttons 7 + 8 (COIN+START). You must now press both to exit the game. Placed the ESC key location on Button 25 (a dummy location good for using combo buttons). Changed Button 5 to TAB. Changed Button 6 to P (PAUSE). Changed Button 9 to C. Changed Button 10 to V. Changed Button 11 to Z. Changed Button 12 to X. I'll see how this configuration works for me for the time being. If it's a pain or something is not quite right, I'll continue tweaking it until I find what's best.
    ***************** BACK UP YOUR OLD PROFILES IN CASE YOU DON'T LIKE THE CHANGES *****************
    I created about 75 profiles for various systems, added them to a RAR archive, and attached to this post. All you have to do is unrar and place the folders within the archive into your ..\RocketLauncher\Profiles\JoyToKey directory. For example, mine is --  C:\Hyperspin\RocketLauncher\Profiles\JoyToKey.
    You may need to edit the profiles so they are more to your liking or work correctly with your setup. I use the default MAME setup for everything. If you want to change one or all of them, all you have to do is edit only one CFG file, copy the CFG file to every other folder, and rename the CFG file and FOLDER to the name of the emulator you're using for the system.

    For example -- I use Stella for the Atari 2600. My path is then C:\Hyperspin\RocketLauncher\Profiles\JoyToKey\Atari 2600\Stella\Stella.cfg
    Maybe you don't use Stella for the Atari 2600 but use RetroArch. Here's how to change it:
    You would simply rename C:\Hyperspin\RocketLauncher\Profiles\JoyToKey\Atari 2600\Stella\Stella.cfg to C:\Hyperspin\RocketLauncher\Profiles\JoyToKey\Atari 2600\RetroArch\RetroArch.cfg. It's the same path\folder\file but the innermost folder and cfg file have simply been renamed to match the emulator being used.
    It's tedious to copy, paste, and rename but it doesn't take too long. I've copied these files to another machine that uses Launch Box, set up JoyToKey in Rocket Launcher via the tutorial link below, and found it working beautifully. MAME is a bit of a jerk, however. Sometimes it works straight away and sometimes you still have to map the game within the MAME TAB menu. 
    NOTE: There are NO games or programs within this archive. There are, however, 2 other files -- a BAT file for killing the JoyToKey process and a shortcut that gives that BAT file ADMIN privileges. Place the BAT and LNK files in your root Hyperspin directory and use the JoyToKey.exe as the startup program and JoyToKeyKill.lnk as a shutdown program in the HyperHQ UI. Using the LNK shortcut file allows for Administrator privileges with the CMD prompt window. You may need to create your own shortcut but I've included it for completeness. See the attached images.
    All files were created manually by me so there's no copyright issue.
    **** Here is a very good tutorial on how to set up JoyToKey with both Hyperspin and Rocket Launcher - READ IT CAREFULLY!:

    ----------------------------------- ONLY FOR THOSE USING A MOGA PRO CONTROLLER-----------------------------------
    In case you have a Moga Controller, download and install the Moga Serial program:
    NOTE: I can only get it to work in Mode A on the PRO Controller but it works great!
    Your computer will also need BlueTooth enabled and successfully linked to the MOGA.
    Here is where you can get the latest vJoy USB Controller Driver (you'll need this for the MOGA Controller):



  2. MAME 212 AHK

    put this in the rocketlauncher\module\mame to fix the current error message.



  3. Rom Info Tools

    Some of stuff you can do
    create hyperspin or nointro dat from rom folder
    create mamlist.xml from rom folder
    copy roms listed in nointro or any supported xml\dat\xml format to desired rom folder
    rename your roms from any supported xml\dat\txt file and copy them to desired folder
    merge two supported xml\dat\txt file even info will be merged
    copy rom media file with game list from compatible xml\dat\txt
    much more
    compatible format are
    nonintrodat.dat (parent\clone xml) or standard 
    hyperspin.xml(there is custom one,you can generate one as hyperspin_retrofe.xml)
    retrofe_include.txt (simple txt file with rom names)
    mameinfo.dat (only works in extract function)
    mamehistory.dat (only works in extract function)

    So What is this?
    convert from compatible xml\txt\dat game database format to xml\txt\dat game database,
    extract story files from gamelist.xml mamhistory.dat or mameinfo.dat
    combine or merge two compatible xml\txt\dat and get one file with updated games and info
    copy rom listed in compatible xml\dat\txt from source rom folder to desired folder\rename and crc32 supported,crc32 work with zip and none zip files
    scan and create xml\dat\txt from your roms folder,crc32 supported,crc32 work with zip and none zip files 

    Tested on windows 10 x64,should run on any windows +7 os (might run on win xp but not tested) 
    you 'll need at least one xml\txt\dat compatible file,check below in Note section
    How to use
    Simply choose the function from drop menu,click on input\output buttons,choose file type from filter drop menu in openfiledialog window,remember always provide the right file type,hyperspin need hyperspin file,nointro.dat need nointro dat file .......
    click doi it
    combine function explained:
    this tool is created to merge info from compatible xml dat xml database format.xml based on name or crc tag,the result is xml\txt\dat file with updated info added roms name and info from both file
    Associate function explained:
     associate function,input1 button should be any compatible xml\txt\dat,mediaroot should be the root folder of your rom media,example: nes media folder contain folders like snaps,title,manual,video snaps ... etc,this function will copy these media according to the name(or crc) in input1 source file
    Some Tips:
    Combine Nointro.dat+gamelist.xml=>resultfile saved as hyperspin_retrofe.xml
    combine resultfile.xml+hyperspin.xml with rating tag=>final_result.xml saved as hyperspin_retrofe.xml
    put the final_result.xml in RetroFE\meta\hyperlist rename it to your prefered system,make sure the name is matching the collection name in retrofe collectio dir
    delete meta.db from retrofe dir
    launch retrofe and have fun 
    Important don't choose the wrong file always feed the right one check compatible file format above for more info
    the combine function priorties the info from input1 button when using crc as comparation,that means if you have the same game but the name in the first is different from the second input file,the first will be considered
    how to get gamelist.xml
    use scraper to get gamelist.xml for your prefered system(mame,sega,snes...) can be found https://github.com/retropie/retropie-setup/wiki/scraper
    put scraper inside your roms folder,ru cmd or use bat(recommended) put these commands:
    scraper.exe -add_not_found -console_src="gdb" -use_filename=true -download_images=false -no_thumb 
     now copy the generated gamelist.xml file from your rom folder to the program folder

    Best regard Croser



  4. Hypert00ls rebuild with option for synopsis, developers,players

    Hypert00ls with options for SYNOPSIS, DEVELOPERS, PLAYERS
    Built from source and modified by me.



  5. MAME 0.201 NO-Nag

    MAME .201 NoNag 



  6. HyperSpin and Joy2Key wrapped exe

    This is a simple batch file wrapped in a exe that starts Joy2Key and then HyperSpin. Replace your shell entry in registry to have a nice seamless launcher.



  7. swlists-hs-convert.ps1

    This is a Windows Powershell script. It will take the information from a MAME software list and from a HyperSpin database XML and try to match the entries by the ROM CRC32 value. When it finds a match, it will update the information from the HyperSpin Database XML to the MAME software list name. When it doesn't find a match for a game in the HyperSpin data, it will log that event. When done, it will write the information to an output file of your choosing (be careful, you can choose to overwrite your original database )
    You can configure the files either in the script itself using your favourite text editor, or you comment them out and the script will open Open and Save file dialogs, so you can pick them yourself at runtime. And you definitely need to open and edit it to match your MAME and HyperSpin config. And READ the Fine Comments I left in there about how it works and what it does
    Note: This is a Powershell script. On Windows 8.1 and above, Powershell comes preinstalled with your Windows. Windows 8 and below can install Powershell, by downloading it from Microsoft https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/powershell/mt173057.aspx
    But even on Windows 8.1 and 10 you will need to relax the the execution policy to allow to run those scripts locally. This can be done by starting an elevated (aka "Run as administrator") powershell and execute the following command: Set-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned
    Disclaimer: It did not break my system. It does not do any nasty stuff to your Windows environment. So you should be good, too. But you should always be careful and work on your backups! 



  8. 3D boxart double box actionscript

    Hey there.
    Here is something for ppl that are looking for it

    Its action script for Adobe Photoshop that will make double sided 3d box from template.
    Use the box template to make full two sided artwork. Export it as png , open and run script!
    Do not run script on psd...
    This is example of finished png before action script

    Have fun!
    Thanks to @Robin55 from Launchbox forum for original 3d template



  9. Volume Control app using Joy2Key or arcade button

    This beauty of a app allows me to set two buttons for volume up and down using standard joystick or joy2key input. Either way it can be programmed.



  10. MAME64 .226 No Nag

    Hi everyone got some free time and was able to get MAME64 226 No Nag done. Enjoy and let me know if you have any question. Have a Happy Thanksgiving and stay safe.



  11. MAME64 .222 No Nag

    In celebration of the upcomming 4th Of July I decided to do MAME .222 No Nag for everyone. As always let me know if you run into any issues and everyone have a safe holiday. 



  12. MAME64/Arcade64/Mame32 0202 no nag

    Decide to do a one pack for all. The is Mame 202 no nag. I have included the 64bit, 32bit and Arcade64 versions. Please enjoy



  13. MAME64 .220 No Nag

    Hi All sorry for the delay I went to upload it last night and the site went down.  Here is MAME64 220 no nag. I hope everyone enjoys let me know if anyone runs into any issues. With that being said this will be my last of these for now going forward.  I hope everyone is staying save and well during these crazy times we are in. 



  14. Mame64 v0.225 no nag

    good evening all, here is an updated no nag mame64 v.0225
    don't for get to change settings in mame to get no screen.
    need to turn on. skip information at start up , skip bios selection, also skip software parts selection
    then save configuration.
    I Have attach pictures.  



  15. MAME 0.198 NO Nag

    Here  is my compile. It does work with the windows 1803 update I have tested it out on multiple machines.



  16. Mame 0.240 No-Nag

    Additional: This does NOT interfere with the Leader boards at all.
    **This removes the nag screen that informs you if a rom doesn't work correctly, or if at all, if you use this no nag, then please do NOT go to the mame support site with issues with games, please only use if you understand that there will be no help from anyone at mamedev as you are using a modified version of mame.
    mame.exe - Normal Mame with Nags removed. For Version 0.240 (Note mame no longer carries the 64 in its exe name changed by Devs in 0.229)
    It's advisable to download the full 0.240 official pack and install it, then just overwrite the exe with the replacement, this covers any changes the mame devs may have made to the support files.
    After you have done this, make sure you copy the folders artwork, ctrlr, cheat, hlsl, ini, folders and the ini files from the root of your original mame folder, and move/copy them to the new install.  
    make sure in the mame.ini file you have  the following set.
    Skip_gameinfo  1



  17. MAME64 .219 No Nag

    Hi all here is the newest update MAME .219 No Nag. As always enjoy.



  18. Arcade64 v0.226 No Nag Screen

    Good morning, all
    if you would like to compile your own
    Mame/Arcade64 here is a link to mame64compiler that I use:
    and here here is a link for a diff patch update:
    I have not compiled in command prompt in a while I use a gui now
    to make things easier. I still change a few lines in source code when the diff patch does not work.
    since the last couple of builds the patch has been working.
    give it a try.  In the mean time here is Arcade64 no nag.
    head softs web site has some instructions on there to help you out.
    it took me some trial and error till I got it right just remember to point to the right folder.
    when the diff update did not work I hade to open up the source file and manual impute or edit the line
    of code. in the diff patch it shows were it is at I use "notepad ++" and the search bar to find where the line of code needs to be.
    any ways,
    hope this is help full and enjoy.  



  19. MAME64 .217 No Nag

    Merry Christmas everyone hope everyone had a safe and fun holiday. Here is this months MAME .217 no nag. Enjoy everyone and have a safe New Year!!



  20. MAME64 .228 No Nag

    Hi everyone here is no nag MAME 0.228. As always enjoy 



  21. MAME64 or Arcade64 .205 No Nag

    This months updated compile no nag. As always enjoy and Please let me know if you have any question.



  22. MAME64 .211 No Nag

    H Everyone,
    Here is MAME .211 NO NAG. Thank you to everyone that gave me feed back on which one to go forward with and what every likes best and it was the MAME64. Thank you again for your support. As always let me know if you run into any issues. Enjoy 



  23. MAME64 .209 No Nag

    This months No Nag MAME .209. Enjoy as always.



  24. A Set of BIOS And Game Moving Scripts

    Here are a set of game and bios moving scripts to sort out your games for what belong where if like me you have a mixed up directory of files. It will take the files and make a new directory with the files that belong in bios folder it makes . Its a fast way to get rid of unnessary files that take up space where they dont need to be..
     put the bat file of the coresponding name into the directory  that needs sorting.  Run the file and bingo it sorts the game and bios files for you 



  25. MAME64 .214 No Nag

    Hi everyone here is this months Mame64 .214 No Nag Version. As all ways enjoy and if you run into a problem let me know.



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