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  1. JoyToKey Profiles for Hyperspin and Rocket Launcher

    What's New for Version 1.1.0:
    ADDED 7 New Systems (80 TOTAL) + HS/RL/Default profiles. New systems include Sega Model 1, Sega System 16, Sega System 24, , Sega X Board, Sega Y Board, Pop-Cap, and Microsoft MS-DOS. Changed the ESC key functionality to buttons 7 + 8 (COIN+START). You must now press both to exit the game. Placed the ESC key location on Button 25 (a dummy location good for using combo buttons). Changed Button 5 to TAB. Changed Button 6 to P (PAUSE). Changed Button 9 to C. Changed Button 10 to V. Changed Button 11 to Z. Changed Button 12 to X. I'll see how this configuration works for me for the time being. If it's a pain or something is not quite right, I'll continue tweaking it until I find what's best.
    ***************** BACK UP YOUR OLD PROFILES IN CASE YOU DON'T LIKE THE CHANGES *****************
    I created about 75 profiles for various systems, added them to a RAR archive, and attached to this post. All you have to do is unrar and place the folders within the archive into your ..\RocketLauncher\Profiles\JoyToKey directory. For example, mine is --  C:\Hyperspin\RocketLauncher\Profiles\JoyToKey.
    You may need to edit the profiles so they are more to your liking or work correctly with your setup. I use the default MAME setup for everything. If you want to change one or all of them, all you have to do is edit only one CFG file, copy the CFG file to every other folder, and rename the CFG file and FOLDER to the name of the emulator you're using for the system.

    For example -- I use Stella for the Atari 2600. My path is then C:\Hyperspin\RocketLauncher\Profiles\JoyToKey\Atari 2600\Stella\Stella.cfg
    Maybe you don't use Stella for the Atari 2600 but use RetroArch. Here's how to change it:
    You would simply rename C:\Hyperspin\RocketLauncher\Profiles\JoyToKey\Atari 2600\Stella\Stella.cfg to C:\Hyperspin\RocketLauncher\Profiles\JoyToKey\Atari 2600\RetroArch\RetroArch.cfg. It's the same path\folder\file but the innermost folder and cfg file have simply been renamed to match the emulator being used.
    It's tedious to copy, paste, and rename but it doesn't take too long. I've copied these files to another machine that uses Launch Box, set up JoyToKey in Rocket Launcher via the tutorial link below, and found it working beautifully. MAME is a bit of a jerk, however. Sometimes it works straight away and sometimes you still have to map the game within the MAME TAB menu. 
    NOTE: There are NO games or programs within this archive. There are, however, 2 other files -- a BAT file for killing the JoyToKey process and a shortcut that gives that BAT file ADMIN privileges. Place the BAT and LNK files in your root Hyperspin directory and use the JoyToKey.exe as the startup program and JoyToKeyKill.lnk as a shutdown program in the HyperHQ UI. Using the LNK shortcut file allows for Administrator privileges with the CMD prompt window. You may need to create your own shortcut but I've included it for completeness. See the attached images.
    All files were created manually by me so there's no copyright issue.
    **** Here is a very good tutorial on how to set up JoyToKey with both Hyperspin and Rocket Launcher - READ IT CAREFULLY!:

    ----------------------------------- ONLY FOR THOSE USING A MOGA PRO CONTROLLER-----------------------------------
    In case you have a Moga Controller, download and install the Moga Serial program:
    NOTE: I can only get it to work in Mode A on the PRO Controller but it works great!
    Your computer will also need BlueTooth enabled and successfully linked to the MOGA.
    Here is where you can get the latest vJoy USB Controller Driver (you'll need this for the MOGA Controller):



  2. Hypert00ls rebuild with option for synopsis, developers,players

    Hypert00ls with options for SYNOPSIS, DEVELOPERS, PLAYERS
    Built from source and modified by me.



  3. HyperSpin and Joy2Key wrapped exe

    This is a simple batch file wrapped in a exe that starts Joy2Key and then HyperSpin. Replace your shell entry in registry to have a nice seamless launcher.



  4. HBMAMEUI64 v0.205 (NO NAG)

    Mejor es tarde que nunca...
    Los viejos juegos arcade son un trabajo artístico, forman parte de nuestra cultura, es parte de nuestra historia es parte de nuestras vidas y ellos merecen ser conservados para que las generaciones futuras puedan disfrutarlos.
      → Después de tres semanas ocupadas, se presento el próximo lanzamiento de HBMAME 0.205 muy esperado.   Esta es la última versión de HBMAME hasta marzo de 2019.   Qué hay de nuevo en HBMAME?   New Games - ------------------------------- - [dkpace] Donkey Kong pace [por Sock Master] - [dktrainer] Donkey Kong trainer 1.01 [por Sock Master] - [karnovh] La venganza de Karnov (truco desconocido) - [mhavocpe] Major Havoc - The Promised End (v0.21)  



  5. arcade64 v0.207

    good evening all here is an arcade64 bit version 0.207



  6. Arcade64 .210 No NAG

    Arcade .210 no nag version. Enjoy and let me know if you have any issues.
    Guys I have a quick question request. I do Both No Nags for Mame64 and Arcade64 for the site here.  What are people using more of? I want to scale back a little as these are starting to take hours to compile and then 30 mins of testing to make sure everything is good. Thoughs? With summer here my time get very thin and dont want to just quit all together I want to help everyone. Maybe one one month and the other the next. I'll drop both this month but let figure something for next
    Thanks everyone



  7. Arcade64 .209 No NAG

    Arcade64 .209 No Nag. 



  8. Arcade64 .208 No NAG

    Arcade 64 No Nag .208.



  9. Arcade64 .206 No NAG

    This months updated compile no nag. As always enjoy and Please let me know if you have any question.



  10. Arcade64 .0204 No-Nag

    Arcade64 No Nag Ver 0.204 As always enjoy



  11. Arcade64 .0203 No-Nag

    Arcade64 .203 No-Nag 



  12. Arcade 0.200 No Nag

    Here is my compile for Arcade 0.200 No Nag. Make sure you go in and turn the game info settings off per below. Please let me know if everyone would like these to keep coming. Enjoy 



  13. A Set of BIOS And Game Moving Scripts

    Here are a set of game and bios moving scripts to sort out your games for what belong where if like me you have a mixed up directory of files. It will take the files and make a new directory with the files that belong in bios folder it makes . Its a fast way to get rid of unnessary files that take up space where they dont need to be..
     put the bat file of the coresponding name into the directory  that needs sorting.  Run the file and bingo it sorts the game and bios files for you 



  14. 3D boxart double box actionscript

    Hey there.
    Here is something for ppl that are looking for it

    Its action script for Adobe Photoshop that will make double sided 3d box from template.
    Use the box template to make full two sided artwork. Export it as png , open and run script!
    Do not run script on psd...
    This is example of finished png before action script

    Have fun!
    Thanks to @Robin55 from Launchbox forum for original 3d template



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