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Nintendo 64 - Database (Official) 2.0.1

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About This File

I've fact checked the entire database for accuracy of the <manufacturer> field, and this is the result. Five new games have been added. I've been given the ok to release this as official.

List of some of the changes:

Top Gear Rally - Publisher is Midway instead of Kemco

Electro Brain changed to Electro Brain Corp (as per their logo)

Changed games released under 'Acclaim Sports' sub label instead of Acclaim

Changed games released under Activision O2 (Tony Hawk Pro Skater Series) sub label instead of Activision

Starshot - Space Circus Fever - box label says Infogrames Entertainment, changed to reflect that

NBA Live 2000 - EA Sports instead of Konami

Mindscape Inc. changed to Mindscape Entertainment (the label they used on this platform)

F1 World Grand Prix II (Europe) - Changed publisher from Nintendo to Video System

Diddy Kong Racing - Changed publisher from Nintendo to Rareware (says 'published by Rareware' right on the box)

All games developed by Rare and published by Nintendo, changed from Nintendo to Rareware/Nintendo (because Rareware was a huge presence and deserves to be acknowledged)

Changed Rare Ltd. to Rareware (as per their logo)

All games published by Nintendo with the name of the developer on the box, changed to (developer)/Nintendo.

Changed Donkey Kong 64 from Rare Ltd. to Rareware/Nintendo (was officially published by Nintendo, even though it has the Rareware logo)

All instances of Ubisoft changed to Ubi Soft Entertainment (as per their logo during the N64 era)

F1 Racing Championship changed from Ubisoft to Ubi Soft Entertainment/Video System (has both logos, Ubi Soft Entertainment developed the game and published it in Japan, while Video System published it in Europe)

UFO Interactive changed to UFO, as per their logo (I don't like unnecessary additions like "Co." and "Inc.", these things should only be added if the company used it in their logo during the era of the platform)

Finally, I added 5 games. I went through romhacking.org's N64 translations section, and added four of the games that are playable. The other two I couldn't get to work, and if I can't, I doubt anyone else can. The four games are:

1. Bomberman 64 (Japan) (Translated En) - Japan got an exclusive 'Bomberman' title that was released in 2001, which is different from the 'Baku Bomberman' (Bomberman 64 in the USA). Translation works great in Retroarch/Parallel core.

2. Chameleon Twist (Japan) (Translated En) - Japan got a superior version of this game, and someone translated it. Has extra features not in the USA version. Works with RetroArch/Parallel core.

3. Densha de Go! 64 (Japan) (Translated En) - A train simulator. Works in Project 64 only, and you have to fiddle with some emulation settings to make it work (game conifg, change from recompiler to interpreter)

4. Wonder Project J2 - Josette of the Corlo Forest (Japan) (Translated En) - This game has some weirdness. After the initial story fades out, the game actually seems to freeze. There's nothing you can do except reset or end the emulation. But when you go to play the game again, your file will be there, and when you load it, the game will start. I don't know if this is perhaps the way it is on real hardware. But regardless, the game is working and playable.

5. Tetris 64 (Japan) (En) - This game is fully in English without having to patch anything. It is published by Seta and is different from any of the USA Tetris games.

I added CRCs to all the new games I added.

What's New in Version 2.0.1



Accidentally left out the CRC for Wonder Project J2, that is fixed.

Changed Vic Tokai to Vic Tokai Inc., and Take-Two Interactive to Take2 Interactive, as per their logos during the N64 era. This should be the last of the changes.


I was not aware of the [OFFICIAL] thread that existed prior to my work on this database, and I started with the inferior HyperList version.

Out of respect for the work that Tonesmalone and Agent47 have done, and the direction they were going, I have overhauled this database, and the Rev and language tags have been removed. Hyphens have been replaced with colons, as per their standards. It looks cleaner and more professional.

I also added all of the extra Japanese exclusive games that Agent47 deemed playable in the list they were working on.

As always, <manufacturer> data was my focus here. The name on the box is the name used - and if there was more than one name, in some cases, both names were used, and the entry is in the format of developer/publisher.


Forgot to remove duplicate entries for the image="(letter)" field when I merged the lists. Also, for whatever reason, Don's Hyperlist Merger didn't alphabetize the J-League games properly. All that is now fixed.

This is currently the most accurate version of this database that I've been able to find. If there are errors, or if you'd like to contribute, please visit the following thread, and make your suggestions/edits there:


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