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Sega Dreamcast - Database (Official) 1.5

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About This File

This is a combination of the official hyperlist xml, the 'official' thread that Tonesmalones and others contributed to, and work done by me.

I'm trying to steer away from renaming 'ROM' names. It's a hassle for the entire community. At the end of the day the 'game name' or 'file name' is irrelevent, what displays in HyperSpin (currently, the description) is what matters. Big changes are coming with the way we do databases, but for now, I prefer to change the 'description' name only, unless the ROM name is particularly offensive to me (e.g. Sega Rally Championship 2 instead of Sega Rally 2: Sega Rally Championship.

Also note that Tonesmalones made it a point to utilize semicolons in the descriptions. I agree with this, it looks more 'professional' like a movie title. Hyphens will still be used for games like Street Fighter 3: Third Strike - Fight for the Future, also in certain instances, like Resident Evil - Code: Veronica. What I'm trying to avoid is double instances of anything. It looks sloppy. Again, these changes are only in the description, the filenames will use hyphens for everything.

I understand that the current consensus is to include 'everything playable,' even mahjong games that require you to navigate a Japanese menu to even play. I have mixed feelings on this. I didn't include stuff like this because I consider it culturally insignificant. If you take issue with this, speak up. But it's more work for everyone involved - it means someone has to make a 'Hentai Tentacle Master Gangbang Mahjong part 5' wheel, box art, video, etc. I have no desire for this kind of stuff in the official list, playable or not.

Games that are either 'unplayable,' undumped, or 'culturally insignificant' have been exported to an 'exclude' list. The idea is, you can easily merge the official list and the exclude list, to have every game if you so desire. This should please everyone. If you're mad that a game wasn't included, well, there's the exclude list. Feel free to add it yourself. If you believe there have been errors made, and some Japanese games belong in the main list, by all means, bring it to my attention, we'll make it happen.

Games have been checked for publisher and rating accuracy. The list is certifiably 96% accurate, there may be minor updates as I continue to work on my 'Ultimate Sega Dreamcast' project.

As always, if there are errors, feel free to bring them to my attention. We all want the same thing here - accurate data.

What's New in Version 1.5



Added Alice's Mom's Rescue - Version 1.5 (World) (Unl), Escape 2042: The Truth Defenders (World) (Unl), Rush Rush Rally Racing Reloaded (World) (Unl) to the exclude list, they're not dumped yet. Added Breakers (World) (Unl), is  not playable in Demul or NullDC.

Added  Millennium Racer - Y2K Fighters (World) (Proto), Godzilla Generations Maximum Impact (Japan), Power Jet Racing 2001 (Japan) to the Official List.

Changed Castle Shikigami 2 to Shikigami no Shiro 2 for accuracy. If it had an english translated name, it would make sense to use it in the 'description' field, but it does not, so, yeah.

Hopefully that's it for the game names and the name changes. I really hate doing that. Any future changes should be metadata only.

Stay tuned guys, an updated wheel set is coming soon.



Changed "Super Puzzle Fighter 2 X for Matching Service (Japan) (Translated En)" to "Super Puzzle Fighter II X for Matching Service (Japan) (Translated En)."


I hate having to change file names, but working on both my 3D jewel case project, and trying to fill in gaps for missing wheels, I'm in a unique position to to make these judgements.

Various tweaks to the filenames. A new complete wheel set will uploaded shortly, so that should save you some headache. I've been over the database a hundred times now, and this should be the last time I make changes to actual file names, as my work on Sega Dreamcast media is very close to being done. Looking forward to the day when changing file names does not cause extra work for everyone.


My work on this database is now complete. Publishers have been *pedantically* named for literal accuracy of the label used on every single jewel case (with the exception of the 4 that I still don't have). Ratings have been checked. Names got one final run through - and I swear I'm done this time.

The problem with naming is, it's a whole lot more work than you think it's going to be when you get started. Eventually you come to the realization that the pedantic approach is the *only* approach that you should approach something like this, and I now understand and have newfound respect for others that are this way (e.g. the "official HyperSpin standards" snobs... I guess I'm beginning to become one myself).

You get something done right once, and ideally, nobody will ever have to change it again. I don't want someone on the receiving end of this saying "What the hell... why did he name it this way, I should just rename the entire database." That was basically my personal motivation for ever getting started with database work - taking offense at someone else's lack of anal retentiveness.

But there's so much that is open to interpretation. For example... what if the title screen name is different from the name on the jewel case? (to answer that question: the name on the packaging always takes precedence) What if the name on the spine is different from the name on the face? What if there are special characters like @ in the name (but then maybe the characters are absent on the name used on the spine)? What if the name of a game doesn't have a colon (:), but it seems like it ought to? What if the name of the game is slightly different on a different platform? What if a subname of the game was dropped for the name used on the packaging for this particular platform? (Marvel vs. Capcom 2).

And I'm sure I would get into arguments with people over these things. But as a general rule - I take the literal name that is on the packaging. Exceptions and judgment calls always have to be made, and you get better at it and more consistent with it the more time you spend doing it. One notable judgement call I made consistently - 'implied' colons. There is no colon in the actual title, but it seems like it ought to be there, and in general would be there if you were to research the game from any source with good naming standards. Sometimes games used a hyphen instead of a colon (usually on the spine only, and there would be nothing on the face) - but I couldn't have that, I needed consistency among the entire library. So the colon was used, since it looks more professional. Obviously you can't name files with colons in them, so the hyphen had to take it's place. That's fine.

My end goal here is this: I want anyone who sweats the small details, as I have (as I've had to, I realized) to understand why certain decisions were made with the names chosen, even if they don't necessarily agree 100% on them. I want them to realize that a subjective judgement call was made, and that judgement call is not  necessarily 'incorrect.' It was simply a decision.

Having said that... it is possible that I've made errors. I'm only human. If there are blatant offenses with current names, please bring them to my attention.

Some changes made this time around:
Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes (USA) changed to Marvel vs. Capcom 2 (USA). There is no mention of the subname anywhere on the packaging. It never should have been changed to include it in the first place.

Street Fighter III: Third Strike - Fight for the Future (USA) changed to Street Fighter III: Third Strike (USA). Same reason as above.

Street Fighter Alpha 3 had a subname when I first started working on this database also (which is present on the title screen), but is not on the packaging - so it got dropped. When you scroll your HyperSpin wheel and stop on a game, everything should be consistent. The name in the description should be the name that is on your box art.

4x4 Evolution (USA) changed to 4x4 Evo (USA). The spine uses 'evolution,' but the face uses 'Evo.' The title screen also uses 'Evo.' 2/3 wins, even though I am not as concerned with the 'title screen' name.

Propeller Arena (World) (Proto) changed to Propeller Arena: Aviation Battle Championship (World) (Proto).

Added 3 in 1 Shooters Pack (World) (Unl) (try searching for shooters pack volume 2).

Added Racing Simulation 2 - Monaco Grand Prix On-Line (Europe), because it had online features that were not present in the (differently named) USA version of the game.

F1 World Grand Prix II (Europe) changed to F1 World Grand Prix II for Dreamcast (Europe), as per the name on the packaging.

Sega Worldwide Soccer 2000 Euro Edition (Europe) changed to Sega Worldwide Soccer 2000: Euro Edition (Europe). It looked sloppy.

Taxi 2: Le Jeu (Europe) changed to Taxi 2: Le Jeu (France). The game is a France exclusive and isn't in English, so I believed the name should reflect that.

Grandia II (USA) (Disc 1) changed to Grandia II (USA).

Grandia II (USA) (Disc 2) changed to Grandia II (USA) (Soundtrack Disc). I left it in the database in case someone wants to play the disc in the Demul emulator and listen to the soundtrack. But it isn't an actual game, and I thought the name should reflect that.

Toy Story 2: Buzz Lightyear to the Rescue! (USA) changed to Disney/Pixar's Toy Story 2: Buzz Lightyear to the Rescue! (USA). I didn't want to include the Disney/Pixar's in the name, but they have it on the name on the spine as well, so clearly the developers intended for it to be in the title.

Buzz Lightyear of Star Command (USA) changed to Disney/Pixar's Buzz Lightyear of Star Command (USA), same reason as above.

102 Dalmatians: Puppies to the Rescue (USA) changed to Disney's 102 Dalmatians: Puppies to the Rescue (USA), same reason as above.

Sega Dreamcast Exclude list - I went through and deleted duplicate entries that were already in the main database, and also ran the whole thing through Don's HyperSpin List Generator to alphabetize everything, since it was a mess before.

That ought to cover it. Sorry for the hassle that renaming these few games causes. Believe me, I get it. But when you're the one working very closely on a system, it is very very difficult to get everything right the first (and sometimes, the 2nd and 3rd) time.


Changed 'Exhibition of Speed (Europe)' to 'E.O.S.: Exhibition of Speed (Europe).'


Changed  Super Street Fighter II X for Matching Service (Japan) (Translated En) to
Super Street Fighter II X for Matching Service - Grand Master Challenge (Japan) (Translated En)

I changed it to the shorter version originally because it was too much text to appear in the HyperSpin window. That was a bad judgment call - the name should reflect what is on the packaging. I shouldn't be renaming games to compensate for shortcomings of the frontend.

Also, note that I am now including the 'complete' list. Many of the games in the 'exclude' list are Japanese text-heavy, undumped, or unplayable. But someone put a lot of work into adding those games in the 'official' thread, and out of respect for that work, I'm presenting the full list.

Please note that there are no meta data improvements to any of the games in the 'exclude' list, and there are no plans to change that.

If you find errors or want to contribute, please visit the following thread, and start on the last page, since the original developers are no longer working on it:


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