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About This File

A collection of 976 2D box arts for NES. May contain some duplicates. Contains a high number of hard to find artwork for unlicensed games and prototypes.

Also, a custom database that I am using to go with it, since many games are not in the official database - only 16 games are missing artwork, and 10 of those are prototypes. There are a handful of Famicom and FDS games in there. Use it or don't, I'm providing it as a convenience.

I decided to go ahead and upload my wheels too, since I created several from scratch, and updated some from the FTP set that were incorrect. All games in the database have wheels at least.

Sir Ababol - Remastered Edition (World) (Unl).png

Crime Busters (Brazil) (Unl).png

Super Sports Challenge (Europe) (Plug-Thru Cart) (Unl).png

Rumble Station - 15 in 1 (USA) (Unl).png

Jovial Race (Unknown) (Unl).png

Blade Buster (World) (Unl).png

Zooming Secretary (World) (Unl).png

Tiger Jenny (World) (Unl).png

Sudoku (World) (Unl).png

Robert Byrne's Pool Challenge (USA) (Proto) (Unl).png

Legends of Owlia, The (World) (Demo) (Unl).png

War in the Gulf (Brazil) (Unl).png

Grave Digger (World) (Unl).png

Yun (World) (Unl).png

Wo Xiang Niao Niao (World) (Unl).png

Lala - The Magical (World) (Unl).png

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