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HyperSync, HyperList and FTP are now back online ×

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About This File

This app will auto restart Hyperspin every X min/hours that you set in the configuration file! This is a workaround to the memory leak that hyperspin has after leaving it on for hours. Setting this to say 12 hours will ensure hyperspin doesn't give you the grey screen of death by auto restarting the program while you are away.


Drop the exe and config file anywhere but I prefer the hyperspin root folder

Edit the configuration file and update the hyperspin path and milliseconds within the timeout line. By default its set to a 12 hour refresh

Open HyperRefresh.exe instead of hyperspin (note its just calling hyperspin.exe) No code changes or anything funny is happening here in HyperRefresh.

All credits go to Fr0stbyt3 (Hyperspin Dev), I just put in the request, made a video, and uploaded the file :D



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