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Sony PlayStation 2 - US Retail - 3D Keep Cases [HQ Hi Res] - Complete 1.0.2

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About This File

Note that

You can thank the 100MB file limit for all the multiple downloads


a few years ago I upload a collection of PS2 3D boxes to the FTP,  I never made an official release given the fact that I was missing 300 plus scans.

To my knowledge,  this is a set of 3D boxes built from US retail scans.  Most came from the Cover Galaxy (RIP :( ).  They did not allow any custom covers and had a requirement of 300+ DPI quality.

the rest came from this site


I say to my knowledge because their are some talented people out their that can make great quality artwork.  Good enough to fool anyone into thinking they are retail scans.

I replaced about 6 French Canadian boxes with the US versions. Only reason I noticed this was because NHL 2k6  US and the Canadian version don't share the same front cover.

I would not be surprised if their is a custom or French Canadian box in my collection.


I included a Xbox VS PS2 image so that you can tell when a custom box has been made.  the NTSC logo in the upper right and in the lower spine are not the same for either of the boxes.


self explanatory but you will find 6 folders in the zip

Alternative Versions =  Games that have more then one cover available,  you can pick and  choose to use this over what is found in the other folders

Built from 200 DPI scans or less = 3D boxes that where built from scans of height of 2000 pixels or less

built from 300 DPI scans or better =  3D boxes that where built from scans of height of 3000 to 6000 pixels

Not in the official XML = 3D boxes that where built but don't appear on the official Hyperspin XML

Rebuilt from other Consoles =  thanks to Diskmatch for this efforts  of helping me find the missing files.  FIFA 13 was rebuilt from other consoles. it looks like a 99.9% match to the PS2 US retail scan.

but its still a rebuild not an original PS2 scan.

Missing =  contains the 1 missing box to make this a FULL!!!!  set

Misc.zip has been updated to include missing box,  its a rebuilt not a full scan.  


Note that their will be NO!!!  PAL or JAP.  I don't have a single scan and I don't plan to look for any.  IF you or anyone else wants a set.  Feel free to start collecting scans

once you have a large collection I might consider doing them.

final note if you are going to start to look for scans,  make sure you start collecting Disc scans.  a project to have Hyperspin quality disc artwork is in the works 

follow the progress here



What's New in Version 1.0.2


added 2D template and 3D box script


added  Hannspree Ten Kate Honda SBK (USA) box to Misc.zip 

its in the Rebuilt Box from other consoles folder

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