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Media Player Starting using Daemon Tools Sega Saturn Plus More

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How can i stop WMP starting when Daemon Tools Mounts a Saturn Game..?


Also the emu screen is taller than the Bezel, its ok at the top but is lower that than bezel, i have options set to Full Screen for Bezel and for SSF i notice you can adjust for this in an offset in the Module Setting but it just says make the number higher or lower and there is no number, so i don't know where my starting point is.

 And also the Bezels, Don't go to the bottom of the screen, my task bar is set on AutoHide but there's a small gap.


Running Win 7 x64

 The Last Hyperspin 3.? before it became Rocketlauncher

And Hyperspin 1.3 not the new beta.

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Some Sega Saturn games have audio tracks in which WMP wants to play.  To prevent WMP from autostarting, go to Start->Control Panel->Hardware and Sound-> Under Autoplay select change default settings for media or devices....and in there you would select take no action in the dropdown under Audio CD/Enhanced Audio CD


Not sure with bezels as I havent set them up....someone else will need to chime in

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