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Controls Question. Joysticks and Control pads at the same time?

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Hello, everyone.  I am new to the world of emulation, and am working on creating my first cabinet.  I am a bit confused about setting up my controls, and I have a few questions.  I would like to be able to run 4 players on my cabinet, but having a large 4 player cabinet will be too big for the room I plan to put the cabinet in.  I would prefer to have a smaller, 2 player-sized cabinet.  What I am thinking is that I will build a 2 player joystick setup on the cabinet, and also have 2 x-box controllers tucked away that I can use as player 3 and 4 on the rare occasions when 4 people are at my house.  My 2 joysticks are going to be wired into an ipac.  What I am wondering is, is it possible to have 2 joysticks running for 2 of my controllers through ipac and have xbox controllers used at the same time?  Or is it a 1 or the other type of deal where all 4 have to be on either ipac or 4 xbox controllers?  Sorry for the noobish question, but yes I am a noob to this!  Thanks in advance for your help.

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You can have as many controllers as you have USB ports haha. I have a 2player ipac, 2 360 controllers, 2 n64 controllers, 2 ps2 controllers, 2 GameCube controllers, 2 aimtrak guns, and 2 wiimotes via a dolphin bar. Just know the more controllers you have the more complicated your controller mapping is going to get for your systems. It's no easy task getting everything to work together. Should be a non issue though if you go with just the two controllers and an ipac.

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Awesome thanks so much!  This will be great then!  I can still play 4 players and have the smaller cabinet; YEEHAW!  

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