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New Neo-Geo themed "Emulation Supergun"

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Last weekend I finished my latest arcade project: An "Emulation Supergun" Cab smile.png




It's my 4th cab in total, after a Bartop, a pinball and a similar emu supergun, which I gifted to my sister. Now it was time to build a portale beast for my own.


This new cab runs Arcade games and a nice set of my favorite consoles via GameEx.

It's highly portable and can easily be hooked to any TV via HDMI. It any has 2 cables on the outside, a HDMI and a power cord.

You can open the lid to store the gamepads and cables, if they are not needed.



- Case 80x30 cm build from 12mm MDF wood
- Lid can be opened and is finished with a 3mm Lexan glass cover

- Arcade buttons are convex and have dynamic lights via PacDrive.
- Sanwa Joysticks
- 8 Gamepads for SNES, NES, SEGA, PSX. (SNES pads will be exchanged for original ones soon, N64 Pads are also planned)
- The Computer is a DELL E6400 Laptop with Core2Duo 2,5 Ghz and 4GB Ram
- 1TB HD, 13 USB Ports
- 2x 90mm case fans, running on 5V, very silent.


- Windows 10 Home
- Mame 0.157 with full set. No clones.
- Retroarch for Console emulation
- Xpadder for the gamepad mappings


Configured Systems:
- Arcade (Mame)
- Genesis
- MasterSystem
- TurboGrafx-16
- Atari 2600
- NeoGeo AES
- 3DO
- Gameboy
- GameBoy Advance
- GameGear
- NeoGeo Pocket Color

(- N64 upcoming)


All systems run with No-Intro romsets, with JAP only roms filtered out.



Since it was my 3rd cab, it was done quite easily within about 20 hours.

Configuring the software was another 20 hours, since I setup lot of things from scratch and moved all the console emulators to retroarch, to have the same configs and UIs. Was a really importtant step for my needs. Especially for having the same Scanline overlays in all the emulators is now possible.


Hope you like this kind of cab! If I compare it to my bartop, it's much more pleasant for entertaining gaming nights, since I can sit in the couch, habe a large TV screen and playing consoles with the original gamepads is simply great.


Greetings and thanks for all the helpful information here in this forum. cool.png
















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Dug you have done an amazing job! Very clean and its got a  great finish. Love the idea thats its so portable. I'd love to make something like this for my next project.... Something to hook up to the widescreen TV and make use of all the widescreen artwork. 

Good thinking with the carry handles.... do they cope ok with 12mm MDF?

Also did you use a Neutrik USB socket? (thats what i used for my bartop).

Top notch job.

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Wow, that is cool, unique, and interesting.

One of my top goals with my build is portability, so I opted for a console inspired build.
This is definitely awesome though, I especially like that you have the thing containing the extra controllers and such.

(Love seeing those play sega controllers, even if mine died after a few weeks... I ended up buying the RetroLink ones, and am surprised at their quality.)

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Hi folks,




I made some additions to the cab:



- Added N64 (Mupen)

- Added C64 (VICE with GameBase)

- Added customized KODI Media Center to play Videos from external USB sticks



- Added stickers to some buttons, e.g. coin buttons have a coin slot sticker. :)

- Added top quality SNES gamepads instead of the crappy ones

- Added original N64 controllers

- Added an Competition Pro Joystick for C64


Next on the plan:

- Maybe add Amiga

- Try Apple Airplay support






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