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My toddler threw my Hard drive down the stairs (need help)....

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Guys I have posted this also on another forum

Hey guys gals,its been a good few months since I was on here,in the last few months I sold my Hyperpin cabinet and I am in the process of building a new one,however I had backed up all my Future pinball and Visual pinball onto a second hard drive to use in my new system......to my astonishment my toddler got a hold of this hard drive and threw it down the stairs.....I am in the process of continuous weeping......Is there anywhere where I can download the full Hyperpin media videos,wheel,tables, art etc in a major pack????

I have been on various sites but don't trust a lot of them and they all don't have the Full pack,I honestly cant believe this......for over a year I have been downloading art,wheels etc and now its all gone....can anyone of the main members help me at all,so I can get back to a quick normal running of my new upcoming machine?

I am even willing to pay you guys to get a hold of all this again.....I have honesty been downloading tables for about 2 years and then this.....(my fault tbh)

The sites I was willing to download from all have different versions,different xmls etc....so I am struggling to get all the right ones.....if anyone is from the UK I am even willing to send my new HD to you and pay you money to install over mine?

I don't usually do this guys but in need of major help....I usually like learning from scratch and doing it myself as I have with all my Arcade cabinet videos/roms......but this I seriously cant do it all over again...it had taken to long this one.....

I am a payed member of emumovies and also underground gamer,i have been for many years....My main issue is I cant honestly go through this all again ie, downloading a table,then the snap,then the video etc.....I was at it for many many months and finally got it running well....till this incident

Please note: I am not trying to jump the gun,i was/have been doing this for a while,if anyone can PM me from the UK or direct me to a full hyperpin setup with included vid snaps/intros etc so I can pay there if I need to (the underground gamer site has a few however they are old and a little messed up)

Thanks if anyone can help me at all, I really appreciate it.

*** I have handed my Hard drive into a computer shop as we speak,and they are looking into it,but they stated it more than likely is busted****

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Absolute fantastic from mikekim ^

any other people still willing to help me attempt to get back to a playing status would also be appreciated...

Again thanks

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