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How to generate a database for my roms

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I have a few SNES roms and I would like to know how generate a custom Hyperspin database that matches my roms.



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1. Download Don´s Hyperspin Tools in the Download section

2. Extract the archive and copy the files in your hyperspin folder.

3. Start Dons HyperSpin List Generator.exe

4. Choose as Hyperspin Wheel your Machine. (Super Nintendo Entertainment System)

the xml is located in your Databases\Super Nintendo Entertainment System\Super Nintendo Entertainment System.xml

If you choose the 2 options press at the bottom SCAN.

5. He is still scans the xml with all working roms for your Hyperspin or in your list

6. Mark (hold STRG or CTRL if you mark your items) your roms you want and do a rightclick with your mouse. choose "Add selected to "Output" list. You can check your list (maybe you overread a rom) if you look at the left of your window with a small arrow at the top (filters). Select in Export for Output files and he will show you your output files you marked.

7. Export your customized xml list if you press export output list.

Dont be scared its a lil bit crazy at the beginning but you will get it. I hope i could help you.

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