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Some systems not appearing under Sync tab pulldown menu in Hypersync

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On Hypersync, under the sync tab menu, the system pull down menu is not showing all my systems that are linked and set to "sync system" under the Arcade icon/Media config menu.


My steps:

1. Launch Hypersync, log in and click arcade icon

2. select a system (say, Apple II), assign the system, turn on sync system, hit close

3. Click Sync tab and click systems pulldown menu

4. Apple II is not in the list


Thanks in advance for any help!



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i have the same problem... im new to this not sure why all systems dont have corresponding assign to names...? these are the only ones i get?



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Heh, looks like us noobs are on our own out here  :whistling:


I solved my original issue with a CLEAN HyperSync reinstall>update:

1. Delete Hypersync application folder and HyperSync folder in C:\Users\<USERNAME>\AppData\Roaming

2. Re download > unzip > run wyUpdate

3.Launch and set your system (then click update check to be sure it updated)



As for your issue, The list on the right only shows system wheels that are present in Hyperspin.

Just open HyperHQ and add the system wheel for the ones you want.  They will then appear in that list on the right.


also, be sure "sync system" button at the bottom is turned on too or the system won't appear on the sync page.

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