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please help with hyper spin button mapping

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any help with hyper spin would be great . i have hyper spin running on my pc, and only can get my x arcade stick to work with mame. no other emulators at all. please help, i want to map my buttons for the other emulators with my x arcade stick to use for the main hyper spin menu and for games i want to play. just can't figure out how to map them. please help. the only way i even got mame to work with my x arcade stick was the x arcade stick website had a easy button mapping config for hyper spin.  i know in hyperhq i have went in there but it seems to just control the main hyper spin menu like scrolling through the wheels, but if i click on a emulator say snes i can open a super mario game, but thats it, can't start a game can't ad a coin , because they aren't mapped. i am a full blown noob to hyper spin guys, sorry!! but pretty good at emulators usually. but hyper spin is on another level

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Hi Ken, you will have to configure each emulator you use outside of HS/RL first. For Super Nintendo, there is no "insert coin" as that is not an arcade system. Open your SNES emulator (for me that's snes9x) and look for "input" or "controller" or "options"... maybe "preferences" (every program has there own wording). Then configure what buttons you want to do what.

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ok so if i open snes in hyper spin,. where the heck is input or configure or preferences?? i only have the emulator main screen with the wheel showing all the games. there is nothing at the top of the screen or bottom that say input?? do i have to like hit a certain key to bring those options up??? please please please anyone explain how to in hyper spin individually configure each emulator, i see no option for that at all. if i can do that i will be good to go. i just want to map these buttons on my x arcade or xbox 360 controller and i just can't figure it out. thank you for the reply spawk , please keep the coming and anyone else too. remember i am a newb to hyper spin, so bare with me, just please help explain where to configure each emulator for button mapping or settings.!!

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ok so if i open snes in hyper spin


There's your problem.


Hi Ken, you will have to configure each emulator you use outside of HS/RL first. 

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ok i get that. config out of hyper spin. well i have hyper spin  on a external 2tb hard drive. should i go into that external drive and then open hyper spin, not launch HS but just open it.. and then i see all the loaded emulators, and try and config each emulator from inside there?? i bought a pre installed hard drive, so i did not load all this stuff. thought it was plug and play. please help exactly how to config my x arcade stick on hyper spin emulators. and also how to config a xbox 360 controller to hyper spin?? please if you will explain 100 % clearly like you are explaining to a newb. sorry to bug, just need help configuring my button mapping for each emulator.

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Oh no, I pre-installed drive...


You might not get much help here because it's a pre-installed drive, but here goes:


You need to do one thing at a time:


Check your pre-installed drive for viruses.  There is a thread here detailing which one to look for.


Make sure your x-arcade is working by opening notepad and moving the sticks and pressing the buttons.  You should change the LEFT ALT, LEFT SHIFT, and LEFT CONTROL keys if they are programmed as inputs eventually because they'll cause problems in some emulators.  Don't work about them now.  If everything checks out, you're good.


If the control panel is working, get a game running.  I always start with NES and Super Marion Brothers because it's easiest, then move on to the next system.  Somewhere on that drive should be an emulator folder.  Find the one for NES (probably Nestopia or Retro Arch).  If it is Retro Arch, I would recommend you use Nestopia instead because it sounds like you're starting from square one, Nestopia will be easier for you.  Locate the ROMs folder for NES, the files should be .NES, .ZIP, or .7z.


Open Nestopia.  There are input options in the menu (I'm not at my arcade machine so I can't tell you exactly where).  Configure the input to use your x-arcade.  The x-arcade is seen as a keyboard in Windows.  I like to make the bottom left button SELECT, the first button B, the second button A, the fourth button B-Autofire and the fifth button A-Autofire.  Also configure full screen and anything else you want while you're in there.  Make it run exactly how you eventually want it to run in Hyperspin.


Open Super Mario Brothers in Nestopia (not Hyperspin) and make sure it works.  If it works, move on to Rocketluancher.


Setup your NES system in Rocketlauncher and launch the game from inside Rocketlauncher.  If it works, move on to Hyperspin.  If it doesn't, the error message should be clear as to why not.  The most likely cause will be ROM naming.


Setup your NES wheel in Hyperspin HQ. 


Launch Hyperspin and try to run Super Marion Brothers from Hyperspin. If it runs, enjoy and move on to the next system.  If it doesn't, again, the error message should be pretty clear as to why not.


I would recommend NOT using the pre-installed drive.  It's going to cause you a lot of headaches.  Setup a NEW install of Hyperspin and Rocketlauncher.  Download fresh installs—you'll have better luck and learn a lot more.  Use the drive you bought for artwork and anything else you want to copy over. It's not a total loss.


Don't worry about the 360 controllers until WAY later—they add a whole new level of complexity.  Just get everything running now and enjoy it.

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I should have added:


Your drive letter and whoever configured the drive's, drive letter, are most certainly different.  Check to see what they have the drive letter configured to, make yours match if you can—you might get lucky.


Still, I wouldn't recommend using that drive.  You're always going to be tracking down issues.


Read the tutorials:



Watch this:


Read this:


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