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Suggested System/Game Mapping

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Hi, Everyone.


First, I've run a search and haven't come across a section/post targeted to this specific purpose, so forgive me if I'm brainstorming something that someone knows already exists somewhere.


Is there any resource that we know of that shows:

  1. Whether or not mapping to an arcade CP is feasible
  2. "Ideal" arcade control mappings for various systems and/or games

Obviously a lot of systems that are emulated (and PC games) have controls that are difficult or impossible to map to a single, digital joystick + 6 or 8 "function" buttons. In a perfect world, I'd envision a database/wiki similar to emulator compatibility lists that indicate whether systems/specific games could be mapped to a typical arcade CP and what the requirements would be (e.g. [digital joystick, 4 buttons + start/select] OR [digital joystick, 8 "function" buttons + start/select]).


For example:


Super Mario Bros for SNES "could" technically work with 3 "function" button minimum (Y=run, B=jump, A=spinjump) + start/select, but you'd be missing L & R which have some arguably non-essential functionality.


Castle Crashers for PC requires a digital joystick, 8 "function" buttons + start. All buttons are necessary as they all employ core game mechanics and cannot realistically be left out (unless someone has a custom solution where buttons are shifted, etc.).


Mortal Kombat X technically employs "throw" and "flip stance" when using 8 buttons, but there are other ways of mapping these built into the game (front punch + front kick, front kick + back kick respectively).


I realize most people just figure this out on their own, but was just curious as to whether anyone was aware of a comprehensive resource.



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I recently found this as I too was looking for a solution to best possible mapping solution after finding out that null dc had issues distinguishing the left ctrl and right ctrl etc.


Note all credit given to djvj and all his hard work with Project Key Mapping




Downloadable Graphic



Side note:Only issue I have had with these key mappings are that ~q & ~s on 2nd player when pressed simultaneously are an exit script in rocket launcher you can map these to other buttons if you choose in Rocket Launcher UI.

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