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1st effort of a bartop

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Well about a month ago a so called friend decided to ruin any spare time I may have had a bet me to build an arcade machine.......TWAT


So i got tinkering with HyperSpin and after extensive reading and watching dove in.


I now have it set up and running for








Master System

Atari 2600

Atari 5200

Atari Lynx

Atari Jaguar

Sega Game Gear



Sega Model 2

Sega Model 3


Sega 32x

For most of them I have the enitre game collections NOT PS2!, cart art, intro videos etc to make it all shiny and nice looking and all running off 2 x 360 controllers at the moment.

So now was the time to build the cabinet, I opted for a bartop one instead of a full height for the first build

Well bit the bullet today and started my first build.


I a total DIY biff so keep this in mind and also why my brother in helping out!


Well from a piece of wood to a "sort of cabinet" took about 3 hrs.


I have cheated a little as I had an ALL IN ONE pc sat on my study floor for the past 4 months and figured it would do.


I have used 360 style controllers for this build as I have PS2 etc on it and I need the shoulder buttons. I'm reserving the joysticks and buttons for the full height cabinet that I'm planning next.


We are up to the built, filler in, PC in and all set up, controllers in. Just needs sanding, painting and decals putting on. Also opted for a 5M strip of multi coloured neon LED tape to go around the whole edges rather than plastic runners etc, when you see the decals you'll see why I'll be keeping them neon blue.

I'll update the post as I finish it off.


Total build cost so far


£12 for MDF

£3 for screws

£3 wood filler

PC donated a while back

£9 each controllers


Man hours so far = 3 (+ 1 hr drawing plans out prior to build)











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Update on the build.


Cabinet build finished, painted, hinged rear attached, spray painted.


LED surround added, nearly there just waiting for the decals to arrive.


Added expenses


£14 primer paint

£7 Spraypaint

£9 LED lights

£4 hinges

£5 decals


Total for build £61


Time spent about 2 hrs











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Well to be totally honest mate you are to thank (and blame) without your tuts non of it would have happened, they will be a "beer" heading your way. Along with a few questions lol

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Possible red decal option, I'm looking at a nice TRON one also as the LEDs can change to whatever colour and I'm old and like TRON lol


Excuse the amazing artwork graphics are not my strong suit as you can tell


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The LEDs are a really nice touch, really helps give it that "Arcade-y" glow feeling. I feel like that part of arcade atmosphere is overlooked a lot lol

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Yeah I agree, need to get some misted up rubber hose to cover them though, as even though the remote can dim them they are still a little "in your face" when playing

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Well I am taking the plunge and gong sticks and keys over 360 controller.


So i have found these




They work perfectly with minimal set up and USB in so no need for 100's of wires etc


Stripped down they look like this (see attached image) piece of cake to mount to your cabinet and paint any colour you like!


Just though I would share this with people in an attempt to save time and money as they are cheap and USB in!




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Well did the Vinyl wrap today and added some home made decals added.


Only annoying bit it I took the LEDs off to do the wrap and snapped the cable about halfway round ( another set ordered £9 added on to the build total!)


So today's costs were 


Black roll of Vinyl - £4

Electricians Tape ( Red/ Blue/Yellow) £0.69p each

1 sheet of A4 for light Cycle prints £0.01p


Time spent on decals and wrap 1 hr


Total Cost of Build 




Total Time spent on build 


7 hrs


Going to be an extra 30 mins to swap the LEDs over when they arrive and then I may add some defuser tube over the top but I'll see how I feel at the time


Well that pretty much concludes the Bartop on a Budget build ha ha


Ill add some completed pics once I've switched the LEDs over, I may paint over the "END OF LINE" also to thicken it up a bit







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Cheers Rincewind the final thing is done.


LED's replaced and a few caots of satin varnish on the front to seal it and make it shiny


Excuse the mess  in the backgound it my "laboratoryas my kids call it


please keep in mind this was a quick build to see how cheaply it could be done



The next one a full size is so far shaping up a lot better as per the 2nd and third pics






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