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    Sorry for the recent downtime. Still much to do but we have the site updated, secure and back online.  Expect more changes.

The Bliss-Box 4-play Thread!


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Latest CYW is here: https://www.facebook.com/blissboxadapter/posts/1916188591731912

Choose your weapon! The success, popularity, and quality of Sony PlayStation 2 quickly led to it being the world's best-selling gaming console. As always, with great console comes great controller and the DualShock series persists to this day!

Given the console's successes, there's a wide variety of cosmetic controller variants. One of my favourites is the Samurai/Ninja Face-Off set from Game Elements' Freak Series II Collectors Edition Control Pads! Model numbers GEPS2F3 and GEPS2F2, respectively.

Each beautifully sculpted, fully functional controller sits atop an equally gorgeous molded stand. These feature an impressive level of detail, right down to the carefully embossed plugins and the light-up eyeballs and gems that double as Start, Select, or Analog buttons. Each character also comes with a removable face mask that can be mounted on the stand along with the controller and plugin, ensuring the whole masterpiece is on display!

These are a great addition to any gamer's arsenal!

Samurai 4 Small.png

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Hello all, just want to drop off the current progress. 

First, the API is ready and working great thank to the help of the beta team. The 2.0 firmware that will be required to use the API is in the final stages of controller testing (help still wanted). See the images below for a few API screen shots as well as the videos on the FB page.

There has been some personal interested with the people involved in Bliss-Box and Hyper-Spin. So do not take the lack of posts as a sign that we are not alive and well ;)  I would also have to suggest using our FB page for the most recent news. 


Things to look forward to.

1) Gamer-Pro: A single player version of the 4-play
2) API software: as talked about above.
3) 2.0 firmware.
4) Cables: Yes we hope to get the cable produced this year at the same same as the Gamer-pro production. We are planning to get a few cable made that are not yet available.
5) With the API being open source and available, we hope to see front-ends and emulators start talking to the 4-play natively.

We wish you all a great holiday season as that approaches and hope to have a great year in gaming!


The Bliss-Box team.







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I am an owner of the bliss box but have not used it since moving into a new home. My dream hyperspin setup was to have both traditional arcade controls and my bliss box setup so that I could go between consoles in hyperspin and switch to the appropriate controller for the systems without doing anything other than plugging the controllers in. When I last worked on this it was proving to be very cumbersome. Has anybody been able to successfully pull this off.  To be clear, I mean by staying within the hyperspin front end environment and not having to enter any settings whatsoever when switching between systems and switching to that systems controller. 

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10 hours ago, ulao said:

Does anyone speak French well?  A user needs help with the Bliss-Box and is not sure where to start. He does not speak English fully and hopes to find a French speaker.

Sorry ulao; I only know ulalá, fondue, and menage a trois :)

Tell him to just type it all in French and translate it with Google translator; their tool has improved a lot and you will understand it all I'm sure. 

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haha, I was just coming here to ask!

Yeah, the translators are not working.

opening Question

" salve sono stefano vivo in italia , vorrei acquistare un vostro blissbox 4 adpter , quando sara’ di nuovo disponibile? saluti "

I replied with " in English: This is discontinued, some still exist in stores but many are sold out. You can still buy the cable bag on the store but the HUB is a special order. If you want to buy the HUB email me "


then he says

"grazie , mi puo’ spiegare come funziona , io uso un pc con hyperspin e’ devo simulare i tasti xbox360 usando controller 8Nbido e hori pro v , mi puo’ dire la soluzione migliore?

gamer pro e’ la stessa cosa?"

I replied with a link to a HyperSpin Bliss-Box tutorial



Then he says

"my controller are all with usb 2.0 because i use a pc with hyperspin , how must to buy for this? gamer pro is ok? sorry for this questions my english is so and so

chis wizshaw tell me that i want to use my controller i can simular with hub blissbox , please help me for to buy correcty

i must simular controller xbox with more controller no xbox


I then told him I would seek outside help in his language. 


after a bit he says

" praticamente hyperspin funziona bene con il controller xbox , io ho tre controller di cui due sono usb 2.0 e sono nintendo 8nbido e un altro joistick della hori pro v , li uso a seconda del tipo di game , purtroppo con hyperspin questi non funzionano bene xche’ non li riconosce come xbox controller "




in behalf of HP I replied " The thing you need to know is that Hyper spin is just a front end. The emulator are what read the controller. So its not Hyper spin that is issue. It is the fact you need to config each emulator and not all emulators will use xbox. Game-Pro makes this easier because all emulators will support it, you can map joy 2 keys for navigating in hyperspin. "




where he just said " che cosa mi consigli di fare? "



So, I'm failing him I think.








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On ‎9‎/‎16‎/‎2019 at 5:32 PM, gigapig said:

If he wants to control Hyperspin with his Xbox controllers then he either needs to use JoyToKey or HyperSpin Startup Script 1.08. I don't know if @ninja2bceen has a video guide for those.

hi everyone, yes bliss box really needs joytokey set up in hyperspin for this to really work I think. I do have a video on setting up joytokey. Once you have joytokey set up and at least a default profile, making sure the keys match your standard set up across all emulators, just plug in blissbox and you are set!


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