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Updating database .xml files and I'm missing roms

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Hello again, 


I am in the process of updating my .xml database files and i am finding that some emulators are not recognizing as may roms as the old .xml files.

Is this a naming issue, or are the entries just not included in the new .xml file?


if it is a naming issue, are there tools to rename roms to match the names in the .xml file?


Thanks in advance

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for example, my old C64 xml shows 561/561 in rocketlauncher.

and my new C64 xml shows 0/8230 in rocketlauncher.

The rom names in the database have just been changed that's all. You can use HyperTools to get everything in order

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This is one of the reasons I custom make my XMLs and micro-manage the romsets. Everything runs smooth as butter and looks crisp as as new 5$ bill.

Not an option I necessarily recommend, but I never see ANYONE talking about it so I like to throw it out there as it's a very nice way of presenting things, you just need to have OCD and a LOT of time to do it that way. lol

Otherwise, as tonesmalone said, HyperTools should set you straight.

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