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Alien vs Predator Hyperspin Arcade

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Greetings, I am FuZZy from Belgium and i am building a cabinet with Alien vs Predator theme. Here's my history:

In heart i have always been a gamer, when i was a teenager i entered the world of console gaming. From Santa i got a Nintendo Entertainment System which was pretty popular back then. Switching games with friends was common, unfortunately a lot of them are lost or stupidly sold now lol :-) Off course back in those days arcade cabinets were on every carnival, so i played those a lot to.

Over the years i also had a SNES, then switched to computer gaming for many years, and switching back to consoles with PS2, PS3 and who knows what the future will bring.

I have always been a fan of what i call 'simple' games. These days gaming is more about (obviously missed) deadlines and the graphical aspect and this sometimes goes at the cost of plain good gameplay, which is the most important thing about a game after all. So it is not a wonder i have grown adept of oldschool games.

Having the software for many years i never thought of the possibilities with it. It was when i was curiously searching the internet for a Killer Instinct Arcade cabinet that i came across these hyperspin cabinets. So after many years i decided to build one myself.

Off course going from the idea to do it, to actually having a finished cabinet is not a small walk in the park. Thanks to the people of this forum for the help i found here so far and will hopefully continue to find in the future. Now that its nearly finished i can say building a cabinet is not too hard and anyone can do it, but it is also not to be underestimated.

As i was playing with visual ideas, the theme Alien vs Predator was soon decided since i had always been a fan of the Aliens and Predator movies.

I soon made a 3D build using Sketchup and played with graphics untill i was satisfied with how i looked. Off course i still had no idea yet how to actually rebuild it in real life :-D


Then i began building it but let me just state that althought loving oldschool gaming, i am not the one to strive for authenticity in this cabinet. For example: i'm not using real money slots or an arcade monitor, but instead, lighted money slot look-a-like buttons and a PC monitor. Simply for practical reasons.

Below i will post pictures of building and how it is now (not finished yet but playable).

The CP still has to be shaped and colored.

Bezel still to be made.







Let me know what u think :-)

Grtz From Belgium,












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It's HUGE! Just like your fries! though I prefer your beer

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Great build Fuzzy! Love the Predator on one side and Alien on the other. The qulaity and design layout looks top notch. Thanks for sharing!!

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Thanks for the comments!!

I am quite content about it myself :o , considering it's my first try. Off course if i would make it again i would do lots of things different, not in the least to make it smaller lol. Since i didnt put in an arcade monitor i didnt really need it to be so big, but i liked the layered design for more depth so i just went for it.

As for the Alien on one side and the Predator on the other, i am glad u notest lol. Since i always related the color green with aliens i made all lighted buttons on that side and I thought that red would be nice for the predator side.

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