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Multi Monitor Hyperspin breakout

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I have a custom cabinet build which requires a specific build of hyperspin. I need the 'Wheels' to be output on one monitor, and the flash animation of everything else (the movies, the custom art) to be output on another monitor.


Can this be done?


Any help would be appreciated.



[email protected]

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by the looks of the post made here - it seems like if the canvas is made to be 1080H x 3840W (2 x 1920), and the wheel and any 'foreground' elements (such as the "Press Start" and the wiggling joystick that says "Next System" or "Next Game") were positioned over to the clean side, it could work.


My build has a 'peppers ghost' which puts a Heads-up-display close to the player and has the main action in the BG. The player can literally look 'around' the HUD - true 3D. It's quite beautiful.


Currently the system is being used to accommodate the game it was built for, but it would be brillant if used with hyperspin in this way.


Is the source flash project available so I could try a build myself?

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Thank you for your reply. My small team has created a design for an arcade machine (and constructed it) that contains two monitors - one that 'floats' over the other (peppers ghost).


While it was built for a specific game (which we wrote) that supports this setup, the machine could also easily hold the hyperspin frontend and so we would be very happy to include it.


But rather than going to the trouble of rebuilding the flash for just a single machine - know that our goal is to put this machine up on kickstarter in an effort to make many. Having the custom Hyperspin build would be an added bonus.


Is there any way I could have BadBoyBill or someone on the staff help us with this alteration?

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