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Announcing HyperPin Digital Pinball Frontend


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I had no idea the pinball emulation scene was so rich until I came to the site to check out HyperSpin. Seeing the HyperPin video demo on the front page floored me.

I absolutely can't wait to see HP in action, considering that HS is a work of art.

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Here's my proyect... virtual pinball:

It's a New Forniture, made with old used parts of ORIGINAL Pinballs

Speakers from Party Zone

Legs From T2

Lock Bar and Side Bars From Class 1812

Plunger and Coin Doors from some Williams

Inside LCD 26 Samsung (1050x1680) for Playfield

LCD 19 Square Samsung (800x600) for Backglass and DMD

PC Pentium 4 3.6Ht - 2Gy Ram - Nvidia 8500GT

Buttons Flippers - Nudge - Magna Save - Insert Coin - Play - Launcher - Start - Exit

Plunger (still not functionaly)

Software XP with Front End UVP from Manofwar (a copy from Ultrapin drives VP, Backglasses, ligths, Displays, FP)


Please send me the BETA!!!

Greetings LEO




Sorry my poor ENGLISH, i'm Argentinian, if you have any questions please patience and excuses for my late answers TAHNKS

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Bloody hell man, I'm still dazzled due to the fact this project is in progress. When I saw the video I had this weird sensation and 5 years of nostalgi of playing pinball in summer holiday when I was young going through me. I really can't wait to see this come together, keep up the good work. And you really have no idea what the magnitude is of this project worldwide.

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It is future pinball in the video. Future pinball has a new arcade view feature which you see in the video. Hyperpin is the front end for launching the tables.

ok, cool. i have to find that arcade view then :)

thanks for clearing that up

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I'm looking for this Hyperpin manual that is mentioned in the above post.

i can't find it....

i have access to a few monitors this evening and want to try out the setups for future pinball and visual pinball.

can anyone provide a link? or a set up detailed guide?



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