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Considering MAME on my Pincab. Where to start ?

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As an addition in my pincab I am considering adding some emulated games and a controller/joystick.

But have no clue where to start.

I've started reading threads over at HyperSpin, but after one hour I got dizzy from all the information.

Even checked out some tutorials on Youtube.

Perhaps one of you guys has done this and can shine some light on this to help me get started.

I noticed several downloads

  • Hyperspin
  • HyperHQ
  • Hypertheme
  • Hyperpause
  • HyperSynq
  • HyperLaunch
  • HyperLaunchHQ

Every download has different versions as well.

Do I need all those ? Or will the new v3 hyperlaunchHQ suffice for everything ?

I understand I need to get ROMS from somewhere else and build up my .XML

Perhaps rename the ROMS either manually or with the help of a tool.

That's not the real problem here. But there are so many Hyper* programs, I completely lost track.

It's no problem at all for me to tinker software, .ini's, .xml's or .ahk's. But I don't want to clutter my cab with software I don't need.

Thanks for any advice or the push in the correct direction ! :)

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I am about to do up my old mame machine to make room for the new one Numiah and started on the software about a week ago... but I am just as lost as you mate!

From what I can work out, and believe me I am probably wrong... -

  • Hyperspin - is the main overlay. Not much needs tweaking there
  • HyperHQ - was how emulators and roms used to be set up for the hyperspin menus
  • Hypertheme - is only needed if you want to make your own custom theme for a game or menu item
  • Hyperpause - would only be guessing here as I haven't used it but pause settings for each emulator???
  • Hypersync - If you upgrade your membership to platinum, (which I highly recommend) Hypersync will download all artwork, title art, theme art, almost everything and put it in the right boxes. Saves MONTHS of downloading each individual item
  • Hyperlaunch -The cogs and gears of hyperspin when a game is selected
  • HyperlaunchHQ - is the new way to setup Hyperspin menu items and emulators as well as Hyperlaunch settings (I think??? Only semi new software and I have not had a lot of time to play with it)

From what I can tell, start setting up mame using hyperspin and hyperHQ to learn the basics and then go for Hypersync to get all your artwork looking sweet.

Hope that helps a little.

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maxxsinner got more or less right. bellow some mistakes are corrected:

  1. Hyperspin - This is the frontend program. What is a frontend? Is a program that lists the games that you have. Everything media appeal that you see before selecting a game is HyperSpin related.
    • HyperHQ - Is the program that controls all the HyperSpin options. If you want a new menu for presenting a system like Super Nintendo Entertainment System, you need to add it through HyperHQ.
    • HyperSync (requires a platinum membership) - Is a program to automatically update the media for HyperSpin.
    • Hypertheme - Is the program to make themes to show in HyperSpin (this is only needed if you want to use your artistic skills and/or customize the HyperSpin experience).

[*]Hyperlaunch - Is a game and emulator launcher that can be used on HyperSpin, stand alone, or with other frontends. When you select a game in HyperSpin, HyperSpin does not do anything else then sending a command line to a program to run the game. The thing is that many emulators need much more details than a simple command line sent. This is where HyperLaunch enters. HyperLaunch receives the command line from HyperSpin, and identifies which kind of game or emulator you are wanting to run. There are numerous commands designed to each of the emulators around and defined on what we call "modules" to send the correct information about how do you want to run your game. Support for zipped roms, load screens, keymapper support,... are some of the examples of things that HyperLaunch is in charge. So everything until you select a game is made by HyperSpin, and between the game is selected and exited HyperLaunch does all the job.

  • HyperlaunchHQ - Is the program that defines every option on HyperLaunch (it has only HyperLaunch options, i.e., you still need to use HyperHQ for anything related with HyperSpin).
  • Hyperpause - Not all emulators have the ability to pause a game. HyperPause does that. Moreover, HyperPause allow you to show a lot of game content on the pause screen, control you save and load states, change discs when necessary, change your sound volume, play music while playing a game,...
  • Multigame - A menu to fast switch between game discs when needed.

To install instructions read carefully the links on my signature.

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Thanks for the replies my friends !

This should get me started for sure.

Well, I obviously have some more reading to do, but it'll get my in the right direction.

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