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Recommended PC config needed

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Hi guys,

I am new at this Forum. Read a lot of threads, and I decided to build my own Hyperpin Visual Pinball cab.

Found a lot of informations,

but dont know a real working PC-configuration.

Please help meeee!

Should be a 3 Monitor Setup: 46", 32", real DMD.

What is a real good working PC Setup for this?

actual Overclocked i7, SSD, Win7, 8GB DDR3, 700 Watt powersupply,


Do I Need 2 Cards? Or why do some People use two Cards?

Or can I get the main field and the backglass working with a single Card? GTX 660?

GTX 680?

Have also the Option to get a used 2 x GTX 680 SLI Mode configuration.

Will this work well?

Would be fine, if somebody can help.

1 or two GPU, and which type? (can be oversized. Dont want to take a risk at buying maybe too slow GPUs).

Thanks to the PIN guys!


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we used to use 2 cards for running 3 screens, if your going to run a real dmd then you just need the one.

SLI makes no impact to performance from the tests i have done sometime back.

a good 1gb modern nvidia gtx line of card is more than good enough.

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Thank you mameman,

that is, what I needed.

So, a single GPU is good enough to work with the playfield and the backglass, yes?

I think, a GTX 660 with 2GB should work fine in the case I use a real DMD?

Starting with an actual I5 or i7 processor, yes?

Perfect, now it is time to start...

Best to you,


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Stick with an i5. The i7 gives you no performance over the i5 since we don't use hyperthreading.

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here was my last setup, played all the HD tables I could throw at it.

i5-3570, 4gb 1600mhz ram

1 560TI 1GB (both playfield and backglass)

pin-dmd/real dmd

600 thermaltake PSU

it doesn't take the latest and greatest to run visual pinball

I used a I3/gtx 460 once, the HD tables had a LITTLE stutter, not bad though.

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