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Pin Wars, Pinball 64 & Glympse Legacy - Custom Artwork

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Hello Pinners,

I have another batch of graphic design work for our members. I had the good fortune of having some classic design themes to work on this past fall. One is the popular Star Wars universe and another wanted to embrace and pay tribute to the Nintendo 64. Also Glympse Legacy is a software company wanting to have a fun pin cab at their headquarters for their employees to enjoy. All these sets came out great and I appreciate getting to bring these cool ideas to life.

Pin Wars wanted to have the look and feel of the original Star Wars movies. We sprinkled in some newer items but stayed close to the origin of Star Wars. I'm really liking the balance and colors used to showcase some of the popular events of the first 3 films. The layout and overall sense of the characters and pinball works out great.

Pinball 64 really was a fun project for me. It was a trip down memory lane. We wanted to pay tribute to so many titles that we incorporated screen shots into monitor formats and scattered them about the cab. Many different layouts and balance for all decals on the build. Star Fox looks awesome up top and I like having characters to add to balance out the video game screen feel to make for a family fun design.

Glympse hired me to custom design the artwork for one of Brad Baker's VPcabs pinball cabinets. I designed a theme based on a GPS like system (the Glympse software) and a Seattle look for their headquarters. We made two different tops to show off Seattle's beauty with the space Needle and Mount Rainier. I really love the blend of the company logo and colors and scenes for their cabinet. Thanks Stephen!

Thanks for checking out my work. If your interested in having some custom artwork please send me a pm or email and we can see what we can't come up with.

Thank you, all the best!


















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Thanks man, I appreciate the comment.

If we get to work together I'll be one Luckydogg! Sorry, I couldn't resist.

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