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Cabinet & Hardware FAQ


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Thanks for this thread! Good info! As a n00b to pin cabinets, I am doing "research" to figure out if/how to build my own.

Maybe its a good idea to add some info about (force) feedback equipment? I read about shakers, knockers, contacters, solenoids, wiper motors, cree's, etc. Some components I understand how/why they are used, but most of them hold many a secret still :-)

i would use this thread


along with his list of parts

then finish up with his wiring diagrams here

should be about good!

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How do I get three monitors to work?

You can use the ATI "Three eye infinity technologie" with a active display port adaptateur to DVI-D (26€ for the Saphire model on EUR). It's work perfectly with only one Graphic card on a motherboard with only one PCI express 16x slot. The FPS is the same as 1 or 2 monitor.


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When you are looking at TVs or PC Monitors, is there a technical word for "when the power comes on your power strip, the TV monitor turns on" or "The monitor/TV you are looking at remembers its power setting/state" that I cannot seem to Google Fu? I quite frequently entertain the idea of building a cabinet but it would drive me nuts to have to explain to people "first turn on the cabinet, then go get the remote and switch on the playfield" or worse yet, all the former plus "and don't forget to switch to game mode too otherwise your table will lag causing needless ball drains".

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something like this for the PC: http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/bios-beginners,1126-8.html Look at AC Power Loss Restart

Also look at smart power strips. They have a master plug which when active will automatically send power to all other devices.

So plug your TV into the master plug of the power strip and PC (set to auto wake) into a slave plug on the strip. When the TV is turned on then the PC turns on. If the TV is turned off then the PC power is automatically cut. (of course this method risks disk corruption)

You can do the reverse if the TV is set to turn on automatically. Sometimes this requires some soldering of the powerbutton.

There are many other ways to accomplish such a feat.

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Most tv's have power button memory, if your watching tv and the hydro goes out, then when the hydro comes back on the tv will auto turn on because that's the last state the device was in.

To test this in a tv store simply unplug the tv while it's turned on, if the tv turns on again once you plug it in (without touching the power button) then that's the tv you want. Samsung, sony, insignia, RCA, most pc monitors, all do it.

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