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Best Sega Dreamcast Emulator 2016

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Hi everyone,


I'm just about to setup the Sega Dreamcast and would like to know what emulator is currently best and why?


i know about NullDC, Demul and Reicast on Retroarch.

How good is Reicast now and what emulator is the most compatible?


Please give me your opinions and guidance for my setup



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I think demule is the most compatible but nulldc runs some games a little better. Here is a chart.





Here is a list of vga compatible game





Here is my demule module file it will save you some time of filtering out the non-vga games




Demul (v0.7).zip

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Thanks for that file. Do you also happen to have one for the Dreamcast already setup with alternate emulators?


I've been trying games one by one trying to see which run better on Demul or NullDC but it's a very slow process.

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