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New Avar Tutorial on Adding, Auditing, and Running Games in HyperSpin

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Good Evening Everyone!


Mr Avar has uploaded the next tutorial in his series that talks about basic database setup, audtiing games, and running them in HS.  This tutorial covers the basics of managing your databases, therefore; he will cover the more advanced topics later.  If you see him online, give him a big thanks!


Heres the link:








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    • By Proplayer77
      Im just making the Hyperspin  Rocketlauncher compilation to my Full arcade project. (link: http://forum.arcadecontrols.com/index.php/topic,157256.40.html)
      I have few questions:
      1. How can i add new emulators for this compilation out from the original Hyperspin (global) list . Now i have Mame, SNES, Nes etc but if i want to for example add Turbo Engine 16 (added allready emulator for it) - how can i get it to global and choose the emu + romdir for it?   
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      Themes include Background Music mp3. Follow readme instructions for extraction
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      Felt the need to do as part of ongoing developments but thought I'd take the time to upload it for anyone on 16:9 who wished they could use the default artwork. Cheers!
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