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Vectrex overlays, bezels

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On 2/26/2017 at 3:19 AM, thatman84 said:

PC and droid are the same for overlays.

on pc 

where you have retroarch installed you will have an overlays folder

1. Make new folder within "overlays" folder 

2. Call it GCE Vectrex

3. Place your overlay .png files in here AND the .cfg files for them 

4. Grab the files from the sonkun's download and go to the second layer of folders. Place them in your GCE Vectrex folder


retroarch/overlays/GCE Vectrex



5. Launch a Vectrex Game

F1 will access the menu from within a game

6. do as said above (turn overlays on then go to default overlay option and browse to the GCE folder and choose the cfg file for the game you have loaded)

7. go back to "quick menu" 

8. "Save game override"

9. Rinse and repeat the game overrides

For all games/overlays

ok. Finally I have had a minor success I was able to get Berzerk working through Retro Arch and the Overlays are working.  As of this moment I am making Cfg files for my roms........But.... when I try and boot up. Vectrex thru Rocket Launcher the Overlays will not show up................

what am I now missing with.  This........?.?.?a.

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Thought I'd share something I've been trying to figure out since I finally got the overlays to work, which is how to get the authentic Vectrex look on all the games and I think I finally got it this time. Last time I suggested using a combination of shaders which didn't really do the trick, this time I found a new option. Here's a pic of how one (all) of my Vectrex games look now:



To get that look I first changed my video driver from gl to vulkan then went into shaders/shaders_slang/crt/vector-glow.slangp. That shader seesms to be made exactly for these types of games. There's also another shader called vector-glow-alt-render which I've been using on mostly all MAME games. Here's another example:


Try them out and see for yourself.

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Please close this thread as I have solved the problem.  the solution is to 1st go into retro arch make sure that all of the overlays or working, then go into rocket launcher under the settings that control the emulator there is an edit function going to romps settings and individually configure each game to search for the configure file that is for each overlay.   

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you know everyone this problem I had was the MOST daunting of them all....MANY THANKS TO ALL HERE

Not only have I got the overlays working (after two months of Head Baggers Ball)

But the bezel as well


Many Thanks

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