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    • By mankin
      I need a bit of help with setting up controls in Taito Type X.
      I have tried following Gigapig's Taito Type X setup guide but when using the typex_config.exe and getting it configured to use an xbox 360 madcatz fightstick; however, I cannot do diagonal movements like jump left or jump right.
      I tried using the pad_config.exe and changed the inputs to match the fightstick, but the results were the same (no diagonal movements). So I purchased Xpadder and learnt that it maps keystrokes to the gamepad. I have no idea what the key stroke layout is as I changed it in pad_config.exe. 
      Does anyone have the keystroke layout for Taito Type X or can I choose the keys to be whatever in pad_config.exe and then map it to Xpadder.  
      Thanks in advance.
    • By bulubulu
      Je souhaiterais pouvoir lancer certains jeux avec un profil de manette spécifique qui inverse le stick droit de la caméra. J'utilise deux manettes xbox 360 sans fil et xpadder qui permet facilement d'inverser le stick, mais je n'arrive pas à faire en sorte que le profil change automatiquement au lancement de certains jeux seulement. Si quelqu'un a une idée...
      Bonne journée !
    • By theblooms
      I have exactly *zero* use for Xpadder, as I'm running a JAMMA cabinet with a J-Pac to a Windows PC. Because I have an actual standard resolution arcade monitor, I have the monitor set at, surprise surprise, standard resolution. Every time I start a game, I get a Windows Pop-Up from Xpadder saying the resolution too low. Mind you, the games play just fine, but the pop-ups are beyond annoying. And when I finally go to shut downs, there's like 100 popups that are there to be closed out.

      I need this to stop, and I can't figure out how to do this.
    • By lestier
      Pessoal, a muito tempo meu controle 2 não estava funcionando, recentemente arrumei ele e veio o problema: Quando eu inicio um game de NeoGeo/MAME ele funciona perfeitamente, aparece a mensagem do xpadder quando eu saio do game mas não trava. Porém quando se trata do emulador de super nintendo ele trava. Alguem sabe me dizer como desabilitar o xpadder?
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