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Hacked arcade button to power up cabinet sets off Dell alert message

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I know this is a bit of a zombie thread, but.... I am in it right now with an Optiplex 790 inside a new ATX case. I have the original 5 (or 6, including the blanked out one) power pin and I am deciding how to wire it up to the original 2 wire pin coming from the case. My understanding, after reading this thread, is to crop off the the 2-pin connector on the case power switch and connect them, splice them into the yellow and black cables coming off the original switch. Question: this connector on all the motherboards I have seen does not have polarity, no + or -,  yet in this thread they are given positive and negative values?


Then do the same for the LED connector, hooking up the original ATX case 2-pin connector to the orange+ and blue-.  This does have polarity.

What does it mean to leave the red cable "Normally Open"? Does that mean just leave it hanging connected to nothing, or...??

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