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sync issue


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when i begin sync i get the two errors below, also I am unable to select neo geo to apply any art 
Nothing showing in the error log but this is in the debug log

[2016-07-04 08:34:40.817] Message: Performing sanity check on SNK Neo Geo MVS
[2016-07-04 08:34:40.817] Message: Verifying the presence of Not Linked.xml
[2016-07-04 08:34:40.818] Warning: Could not verify the presence of Not Linked.xml, redirecting to DownloadDatabase()...
[2016-07-04 08:34:40.822] Message: Verifying database integrity for Not Linked.xml
[2016-07-04 08:34:40.822] Warning: Could not find a dtabase suitable for Not Linked
[2016-07-04 08:34:41.831] Warning: SNK Neo Geo MVS has been exluded from the synchronzation job; dude really?  Update you databases...
[2016-07-04 08:34:42.990] Warning: Excluding SNK Neo Geo MVS as it has not been properly linked... 
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