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Best games of all time wheel

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main menu video?


I don’t know. I think the video is less than ideal because it features a lot of games which aren‘t included in the list and more important they are all only just 8- and 16-bit games. A custom one which features all the top rank games would be way better. I thought on either the Top 25 (28 games) or the Top 30 (37 games).

@JackJamesBaker: I would really love it if you could also make a long version of your main theme like you did with your MAME/Arcade Classics one :)

Top 25 (some of the games share the same rank, that's why there are more games than ranks):

Half-Life 2    (PC)

Resident Evil 4    (Nintendo GameCube)

Grand Theft Auto V    (PC)

Dark Souls    (PC)

Super Mario World    (Super Nintendo Entertainment System)

Super Mario 64    (Nintendo 64)

The Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past    (Super Nintendo Entertainment System)

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time    (Nintendo 64)

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim    (PC)

Shadow of the Colossus    (Sony PlayStation 2)

Tetris    (Nintendo Game Boy)

BioShock    (PC)

Mass Effect 2    (PC)

Super Metroid    (Super Nintendo Entertainment System)

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night    (Sony PlayStation)

Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater    (Sony PlayStation 2)

Chrono Trigger    (Super Nintendo Entertainment System)

Halo: Combat Evolved    (PC)

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker    (Nintendo GameCube)

Metroid Prime    (Nintendo GameCube)

Super Mario Galaxy 2    (Nintendo Wii)

Metal Gear Solid    (Sony PlayStation)

Portal (PC)

Portal 2    (PC)

Final Fantasy III    (Super Nintendo Entertainment System)

Final Fantasy VII    (Sony PlayStation)

Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4    (Sony PlayStation 2)

Deus Ex    (PC)


Rank 26 to 30:

Fallout 3    (PC)

Doom    (Microsoft MS-DOS)

Goldeneye 007    (Nintendo 64)

Minecraft    (PC)

Pokémon Yellow    (Nintendo Game Boy)

Super Mario Bros. 3    (Nintendo Entertainment System)

The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask    (Nintendo 64)

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic    (PC)

World of Warcraft    (PC)

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One thing to note is I have been skipping games that were pc/ps2 games that I don't have or if my computer can't handle it. Note of the list you provided 11 of them are not in my xml either because emulation isn't supports or you would need a supercomputer on pc

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Makes sense that you customize the database for your own setup but I thought you were doing here a general HyperSpin compatible “Best games of all time”-wheel for the whole community and not a “Best games of all time that ninja2bceen has and his PC can also handle”-wheel ;) I’m sorry if I misunderstood you.


But yeah, your wheel logo is decent enough for me :)

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I have 92 systems. There are a lot of pc games here, I have a lot of them. The xml is like 250 some. There are many that won't play in hyper spin anyone is able to help donate to the cause. In order for this to work, I believe you have to have the game. I'm using hyperxmlspin. If there is a game missing and you have it you are more than willing to add to it

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ok I have worked through the list you have created. There are a total of 237 games of the 444 you listed on the xml! I have about 40 pc games that I want to go find

please note that not everyone will have this whole list, I did my best to have a standard list that would be common. These reasons specifically is why its not the full 44

you have the following here that are not really common nor hyperspin ready for all

2 android games

11 xbox/xbox 360 games

5 3ds games

7 wii u games

156 pc games! this is so many, sure I have a good amount of them included because they are in my set but this is way too many to be standardized. many of the pc specs are also on essentially current gen systems or systems that are not even emulated!

13 ps3/4 games

4 vita games

*36 ps2 games (I included some of these)

So when you account for all this the 444 is a much shorter list in general. So maximum the list is 246 if you aren't including all of these.

The reason that my 237 doesn't match the 246 is because I didn't include all the ps2 ones on here since ps2 emulation is sort of rough and you need a rather fast computer right night. I also included some of the pc games as well. I have about 40 that I would like to get though. Thanks for getting the list together. I can post the xml. Note I used hyperxmlspin to create all this. It automatically found the media, it names things a little funny but you can launch any game from the dedicated wheel no problem. i'd like to wait to work with romano to launch this all at once with his tool that he is updating. I may have him include it as part of the pack

You or anyone could easily add to this list by using hyperxmlspin and just "add" to the wheel using the app. I hope its acceptable. I wont be recombing through the list other than adding the 40 some games i'd like it to include for my set up that are pc games. Here is the nearly finished xml


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Thanks. Just checked it and the majority are on this as well but same story, currently not emulated games are not on this nor is every pc game

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Once I have this the way I want it, I'll post all the media, xml etc

Right now the order of the xml is the time I added it and I went top to bottom. Which I have wheel art with backgrounds I think I'm going to order this by system so it looks cleaner, agreed? You can get the media using the hyperxmlspin app automatically though so you can match the same media you have though.

Alphabetized? Or by system or by rank order? Come to think about it, the xml should probably be alphabetized so letter jump can work

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Ok , i've tried your list with my database & hyperspin , i got 103 games working , that's because my system names is different than your database for gameboy , gameboy advance & some others.

So I've change function "scan medias" in order to add an option to choose the system name from my personal databases for each different system name found on your xml that not exist on my systems list ,

now i get 117 of them working , a bit more ;-)

Need to change also the function to copy parent vid & parent themes for non-USA database xml list , because some of them don't show  vids or/and theme.

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pointer, now we wait on romana so I can test the new features. Also would like to get the main menu done by mr baker before the official release. Sorted xml alphabetically so letter jump works

Not sure if I like the pointer



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