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Making the jump. Please help with Computer recommendations for bartop

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Hi All.

I'm new to this board and got bitten by the HP bug when i first installed and played with it a few weeks ago.

I'm looking to build a bartop arcade cabinet and really need help choosing the computer/graphics card to use.


Im currently testing HP on my media center PC and my specs are below


Motherboard: Asrock FM2a88x-itx+

Processor: AMD A4-5300 APU 3.4Ghz

RAM: two Corsair xms3 2GB each

Hard Drive: Samsung 120GB 2.5 inch (I know I need more :thumbsup:)


And that's about it.

while this works great as a media center, I cant seem to get anything above an N64 to run. And higher 3d mame games like Virtual fighter  run at a snails pace.

It's obvious I need to buy a graphics card. but are the other specs enough? or will I need a new motherboard and processor altogether?

I'm trying to see if I can use the existing board. can a decent graphics card even be added to this board?(I'm not that computer hardware savy so I don't know)


Looking to be able to run at least PS2, gamecube and xbox games. any more than that would be a plus but I'm happy with the former.


Thanks all

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