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Just an idea i have

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so im thinking about the perfect cabinet for a while now. and i thought about different types of button arrays.

now great things can be done with rgb leds but what if we had screens inside the buttons?  :woot:

something like the optimus maximus keyboard:



a few years ago i thought round displays are not feasible

but i think these days it can be done, thanks to smart watch technology.

i found some screens on alibaba:



most of them are too big for a 30mm button, but it something to hope for.

i even thought about creating a kickstarter for this but i have no time, money or knowledge about how to make it work.

but this kind of thing really get me excited. 

of course it will not be cheap, but iv'e seen people throwing money on dumber things. 

what do you guys think?

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OLEDs are very nice...and since there already are bent TV screens I can't see why this wouldn't be possible...still...it would probably be pretty expensive ;)

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i think this one will fit perfectly in 30mm button:



now what the hell does it hook up to? :teehee:



found this:



i think it can be done.

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