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HyperSpin / Mame - losing focus when launching Mame game

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Hey guys,


Been working to get my joytokey configured, and have a problem that I can't figure out.


When I launch a game from within Hyperspin, Mame launches the game but in the background.


Configuration is latest Hyperspin, Rocket Launcher and Mame.


Any suggestion on where to start?







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I'm having same issue. Sometimes we lose the ability to launch any games. But the wheel still works. Depending on the game that got launched in the background, you can hear it playing as you go through the wheel. Finally realized what was happening by pulling up task manager and seeing that mame was running. Killed mame and got control back to select a new game. This has happened several times in a short period. Any solutions?

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I had a quick look through my tutorial. RL has changed slightly since I wrote it. The only thing that stands out to me is:

Global --- General Settings --- Rocketlauncher --- Default Frontend Path

Should be set to hyperspin.exe

This is not mentioned in the tutorial but I think it solved another users focus issues. I also notice that the pic for "Global --- Settings" is now moved to its own "Mapping" tab. But all options look the same. I may have to bug Iggy to change it, but can you guys confirm/deny if this is helpful?

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