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What Emulators can run without a GFX Card on a Core2Duo?

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OK, I know these type of threads are asked all the time.


But I wanted to ask, what emulators could run on something like this, without a graphics card?


Core2Duo 2.2Ghz

4GB Ram




As I'm looking to put one in my girls room ;)

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I have a G3258 with onboard graphics and ir runs at least up to PS1 (haven't tried never) and MAME probably works fine mostly. You'll just have to try.

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I upgraded my core2duo a couple of years ago because:

Gauntlet legends was too slow and golden tee games were too on mame.

Gamecube had issues with low framerate and stuttering sound on some games

Dreamcast I had issues with too.

Ps2 was unplayable.

Some ps1 games were too slow.

My 2 cents

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I'd say that at least all up to 16bit consoles and the older MAME games will run just fine, so it all depends on what kind of games you are looking to run.

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My current cabinet is a Core2Duo E8500 with a Geforce GTX730 (low end) card.    I ran it with onboard video for a long time, and also a 8800GT for awhile (OLD card).   


All 8 bit consoles run fine.

All 16 bit console run fine.

Nintendo 64 runs fine.  

Sega CD / Sega 32x is fine.

All the MAME games I care about play just fine.  

My son plays a few GameCube and Wii games (Dolphin) just fine, but not all of them run good.  (Like stated above, Gauntlet is a pig and needs like an Core i5 to run smoothly)

Some PS1 games are playable, but not all.  But the majority of the PS1 catalog is RPG games anyway..  which don't make good arcade games anyway.

Even a couple of PS2 games run good enough to play (Gradius and a couple of other side scrollers).  Same problem as PS1 - more games are RPGs and not good arcade cabinet type games.  (God of War is a no go though....  lol)

I know I've played Crazy Taxi on Dreamcast on there too without issue.   And a couple of Saturn games.

Lots of Steam (Windows) based games that are arcade friendly run fine.


Anyway...  just because the entire game library won't run at 100%, doesn't mean you shouldn't try.  You'd might be surprised. 

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