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    • By Hyperspinner5000
      Hi all! I have been using hypersync without fault to update most of my themes and vids etc for quite some time. I noticed that when ever anyone shows off the Taito Type X system or the Type X2 system on Hyperspin their videos are always there. I cant seem to download any at all. I have also had a look on the ftp to see if i could find anything but no luck there either.
      Where is everyone getting their Taito videos from including the main menu preview?
    • By ligalegend
      Why are videos lower quality when played in Hyperspin ? It's perfect quality when played in Media player.
    • By sajazzman007
      Good Afternoon All,
      I have all the images, videos, themes, wheels, bezels setup for Mame in HS/RL and thought it would be a great idea to start creating "Classic" folders to assist in scanning through 7000+ games. As I start to setup all the classic folders, I began to think I will have to copying wheels, themes, videos, images, bezels for RL etc. I was about to just copy and paste my current MAME vids, images, etc for each classic folder however that is a lot of wasted space.
      I look through some of the forums for solutions and saw someone mentioned Link Extensions however not in great detail. Is there a program that can redistribute HS media files in one location to using classic folders via.xml files or will this have to be manually done?
    • By Kenny Pilgrim
      Hi Guys,
      So I've updated to 1.4 and RL the only problem I'm having now is that some of the vids aren't displaying in my MAME wheel. I can hear the audio from the vids but I have no actual visual display.
      Can anyone help please?
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