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My Emumovies projects

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33 minutes ago, thatman84 said:


So @Circo let you out the basement to make a post!!


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Absolutely outstanding work damned It is very, very much appreciated my friend. You never cease to amaze!!!

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All the updates thus far have been epic! Thank you a bunch!

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Thanks for the update....I doubt I will add famicom systems to my setup but appreciate the quality of you output.


just thought does this mean there is a PSP DB update with the recent release as the current public one is not so good afaik

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      Hi all! I have been using hypersync without fault to update most of my themes and vids etc for quite some time. I noticed that when ever anyone shows off the Taito Type X system or the Type X2 system on Hyperspin their videos are always there. I cant seem to download any at all. I have also had a look on the ftp to see if i could find anything but no luck there either.
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