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Hi I'm Junior and im a Twitch Streamer (Twitch.tv/JuniorGamingTime)


I'm building an Arcade Machine for my twitch channel (Sponsored by Gameroomdesigns.ca)


He'll be shipping everything hopefully Monday, in the mean time im working on the Hyperspin setup.

Right now i need help with DeSmuME (DeSmuME_r5561_x64)

The question is:

     - Is it possible to move the 2 screens to opposite corners (i have them horizontal) (Top Left & Bottom Right)

     - Also how to add a Background (Not a bezel)


I'll be streaming the build as soon as i get the parts, and take a few picture to post here <3

I currently have these emulators running

  - Dolphin (Wii and GameCube)

  - Cemu 1.6.1 (Wii U)

  - Game Boy Advance

  - SNES

  - N64

  - Citra 3DS (Working progress)

  - Nintendo DS (Runs perfect, just wanna make it look nice)


This is also my first post EVER, but im really liking these forums <3

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OK here are some updates to the Build

- Started building the main cabinet and added the inner vynel



after that i installed the monitor as im waiting for buttons, T-molding and a few other things




i'll be doing the rest of the installation live on my Twitch channel Twitch.tv/JuniorGamingTime

(Latest it'll be here SHOULD be Friday :3 )




Arcade Specs:

My old gaming PC

 - i7 4790K (H100i Cooler)

 - 16GB of Ram

 - GTX Asus 770 2GB 

SSD for boot and 1TB Games drive **4TB later ;)**


Sponsored by gameroomdesigns.ca/  <3

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Well i got a little to inpatient with waiting for the parts and the Mounting stuff that i took apart a Old PC Case and worked amazingly




I also added the Side vynel to be a step closer to finishing.




Also added the old PC Case feet :P 



Hope you guys are liking the build, ill be finishing the build on my Twitch Stream twitch.tv/juniorgamingtime Hopefully on friday night


And thanks again to Rick from GameRoomDesigns


Sponsored by gameroomdesigns.ca/  <3

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      Hi Forum Members, 
      I purchased a 32in upright 4 player cabinet from recroom masters and I love it. Its finally all setup and I ordered side art from them too. The only thing it is missing is some sort of guide or cheat sheet that gives a quick rundown of what original console buttons each of the control panel buttons are mapped to. 
      For example, I would like to add a vinyl sheet (sticker, decal, etc) to the cabinet and attach it to the roughly 3 inch tall horizontal wood board that runs the width of the cabinet right underneath the monitor. This sheet would show all the emulators I have installed on hyperspin (mame, NES, SNES, etc) horizontally, with next to each system showing the control board button layout and the corresponding mapped letters from the original system. So for NES, it would show my 6 button arcade controller layout with the NES B and A represented on the applicable buttons and the rest of the buttons blank.  For SNES it would show all 4 original SNES buttons and 2 trigger buttons on their corresponding mapped arcade controller buttons. 
      Im looking for an example, or maybe a file that someone has created that I can use. Also any recommendations for a graphic printer that would handle something like that. Google wasn't much help, but maybe I just haven't figured out the right keyword to search for yet. 
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