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Trackball glitch when changing resolution.

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Ok here goes nothing. I wonder if anyone else had this same problem I encountered.

I bought a x-arcade tankstick that I configured to work for my hyperspin setup. IT worked flawlessly. Until I decided to change from having it hooked up to my tv at max resolution of 1360x768 to a pc monitor at full hd resolution of 1920x1080. now When I launch hyperspin the wheels just keep spinning endlessly . no controls seem to work. So I went to hyperHQ and turned off the trackball and it works fine. but without a trackball. everything works fine if I switch the resolution back down to 1360x 768. then I can turn the trackball back on and everything is back to normal.

My question is: Is there a way that I can have both 1920x1080 resolution and a working trackball? Im forced to lower the resolution if I Want to use my trackball. ITs getting pretty frustrating. I doubt anybody here has had the same problem. BUt if you have a tankstick at home try changing the resolution and see if the same problem occurs for you and let me know how to fix it.  PLEASE!


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The joystick, trackball, and spinner options should all be disabled in HyperHQ because they don't work properly. Disabling those options only affects navigating the HS menu though, you can still use the trackball in emulators.

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