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Introducing... Arcade Touch Bar v0.2

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I wanted a way to have an area of buttons on the control panel of my cabinet that weren't fixed, to control things like bezels, pause and exit emulator. So, I came up with Arcade Touch Bar!

Basically it's an Android tablet that will be mounted into the control panel, top centre - on which runs an app that talks to the arcade PC over the network.

Currently the app has three screens:

- Control buttons, bezel toggle, pause, exit emulator, etc.

- Game info, art and meta data

- Manual

Once I get a bit more done I'll post some more technical info and will upload everything so others can use it too. For now, a video! Things are very rough at this point, but hopefully the video shows the general idea

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This is a brilliant modern idea bro good job  , instead of pulling out keyboard in front of friends ,  as you know no body want to expose the truth,  oh what is that a computer inside ?? not a real arcade cabinet blah blah blah.

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