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Trying to update (space lords!!!!!!)

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Hi all,


its rs been a while since I messed with my hyper install as I have everything just about where I like it.

then I read about space lords being promoted to working.  Well, I just love this game and couldn't wait to add it.

i have downloaded mame 180 and the appropriate roms.  Running within mame, I can see and launch it with no problems!

issue is, I would like to add the wheel or even have the wheel just be generic text (if no wheel/game art has been created yet) and yet the game doesn't appear.  I obviously am doing something wrong.

can anyone point me to a how to on how to refresh a game list within HS?



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You would need to use a database that matches the version of MAME you're using that can be found in the 1st post here, rename it MAME.xml and place it in your HyperSpin/Databases/MAME folder.

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