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HyperBase Live isn't operational at the moment, HyperSync is what should be used to sync media but both of these programs require Platinum membership.

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    • By Danielito83
      Hola, soy nuevo aquí.
      Alguien podría ayudarme con este problema?
      Cannnot Find:
      you do not have hyperlaunch modules for demul58
      please create one or check hiperlist
      Espero respuesta
    • By CMDRLawliet
      So after using Don's ROM Renamer to audit most of my games, there were about 70 missing. I didn't really want those 70 in the romset anyway so I deleted the .7z files from the ROM location and replaced them with the .nes files from my temporary folder. After that, I went back to RLauncher UI and for some reason, after even rebooting and performing multiple system audits, it still sees those games in that folder and says they're still missing. What's going on? How can I get these games to be recognised? What exactly is RLauncher UI seeing and how can I fix it? Please, I really need help, so some would be greatly appreciated. Cheers!!~
    • By alexsevilla
      Hello, I have an error with the gamepad in the main menu, it will not let me enter the games but if I select them. Could you help me?
    • By Tanveer
      Hi everyone,
      Need the hyperspin community to give me a hand! I was playing my mame cabinet where I got this error message.
      I have a birthday party I'm hosting this weekend and hope to get this up and running before families start coming in.
      I have reset the system with no avail.
      Any help would be appreciated! 

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