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[IDEA] Beyond Hyperspin as it exists today…

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From an email I drafted back in 2013, but never saw the light of day, so here goes:



Hey guys, love your work… just wanted to drop a quick idea. Basically an RFP if you will about the future HyperSpin beyond 2.0 and free of flash.

Flash is on its way out the door from Adobe, I mean the writing’s on the wall (in the web world) and the emerging breakthroughs with HTML5 and CSS3 make for an ideal framework that future proofs HyperSpin. This has already been done with the geniuses over at Valve, around 2008 or so they migrated to WebKit as the core for Steam. Which makes for a smooth, responsive running platform and it can be greatly extended via JavaScript. For example, all animations could be done through simple HTML5 and CSS3 transitions and it makes for a smaller footprint than a hefty Flash front-end. A theme builder could easily come from this (grid based layouts, SVG graphics, drag&drop animations, etc.)

Ultimately this results in making HyperSpin platform independent… meaning it can freely run on Linux, Mac and of course Windows, of course you could add in revenue channels to keep you guys fed at night and servers running (maybe an annual update pack with new features or something of the sort)

Anyways, I wanted to get that off my mind… I’m a BA at work and HyperSpin has been on my mind a lot lately, heh

Keep up the phenomenal work guys!



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