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Time Traveler - washed out black level only in emulator?

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They say a picture is worth a thousand words...

On the left side is one of the Time Traveler .m4v files playing in Windows Media player.  On the right side is Time Traveler as it plays in Daphne/Singe when using the .bat file to launch the game.  

So the question is: Why are the blacks so washed out in the Daphne emulator?  The same video file is certainly capable of true blacks, as seen in Windows Media Player.  I checked my Nvidia settings and playback is set to full range; 0 - 255.   There must be some way to set Daphne/Singe to display full dynamic range right?  How can I fix this?  

This port will never be fully 3D of course but with the true black background the game certainly appears to have more depth.  



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