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Hypersync truncating video files


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Hi there,


I've been updating my setup recently and Ive noticed that my videos for the Nintendo wii have been redownloading every time I sync. Not all of them of course, just the ones that are already screwy.


For example, if you sort by thumbnail view in windows explorer you can see some videos have a thumbnail and others are icons of media player and these are the ones that are corrupted. So I watched the progress of the downloads in hypersync and saw that the files would just stop at random times and just move on to the next one leaving the videos corrupted.

I hope this hasnt affected other files or videos but I havent checked. Anyone know why this might be happening or to fix it?

I have checked the log files and all it says is that the download of each file was successful. I have also tried deleting the bad files and they would redownload but stop at any time although usually further towards the end.

Lastly, my internet is crap. It seems to download from hypersync at about 20 to 30 kbps. Is it possibly timing out?

Any help is appreciated.

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