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HyperSpin on Fat32 & Wiiflow

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I am interested in starting a new project. I have a Seagate 4TB external hard drive I want to reformat with FAT32 so I can use it with WiiFlow on Nintendo Wii and also use HyperSpin on PC at the same time. This way, I believe I would only need one set of roms and possibly art. I believe I will need two sets of emulators so I can setup the controls separately on both (PC xbox 360 conrollers) (Wii wiimotes/gamecube controllers) I plan on using everything in the default wiiflow folders and then use RLauncher to route everything in the Wiiflow folders for HyperSpin. 

Obviously I will use the Wii Backup manager for wbfs for backups of my wii games to keep it under 4gb. Any ideas or theories if there would be any other issues doing this or with any certain systems or rom type extensions that would not be compatible with both wii and pc hyperspin?


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      estoy teniendo un problema con menu, baje un pack de n64 y cuando lo instalo el dibujo de anterior/siguiente juego no aparece abajo en el medio sino que esta en todo el centro de la pantalla y no se como acomodarlo (Adjunto imagen del menu al que me refiero)
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